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28 to Make: Art Making Videos

Missing Color Me Calm? We’ve Got a Replacement!

Thanks to access granted through the UD Library, Blue Hens have the ability explore thousands of videos through the Alexander Street video distribution library for free. This includes the “28 to Make” channel by CreativeLive. The “28 to Make” video series channel is an awesome collection of over a dozen short (about 2 minutes in length) how-to videos centered around art-making and other creative processes. These videos are a great resource for students looking to expand their creative wellness skills or simply take a break from their studies to do something creative and relaxing. Instead of only being able to attend our Color Me Calm event once per semester during finals to reduce stress, students can access these “28 to Make” videos 24/7/365 so they can work to manage their stress anytime they need to.

Check Out the First Video

Sign in with your UD email address and password below to watch the first video in the “28 to Make” series: “Day 1: Draw Your Beverage.” Once you watch it, give the activity a try or check out the “28 to Make” channel for more inspiration.

Choosing Well at UD

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