Peer Led Programs

Interested in Scheduling a Peer Led Classroom Program?

Our peer education groups offer several wellness and health promotion based educational programs for classrooms, residence halls and other similar settings.

In general, these programs take 45-60 minutes and cannot be reduced into a 20-minute time frame. Most of these programs are ideal with 50 people or less. When filling out the program request form, please choose the “Request to Meet” option if you are not prepared to give us the full time or you expect a much larger audience.  Submit your program request at least two weeks in advance of your preferred presentation date.

NOTE: The deadline to submit program requests for a program which you wish to occur during Fall 2019 is Friday, November 8th. The last day to have a program in the Fall 2019 semester is Friday, November 22nd.

Reminder: Professors MUST stay in the room during the presentation, thank-you.

***Special Note for POW Programs: September and October are FULLY booked. November is OPEN for program request availability. 

Descriptions of Peer Led Programs:

Gender Based Violence

Presented by our S.O.S. peer advocates.

Gender Based Violence Programs

Presented by our S.O.S. peer advocates.

Get Up! Stand Up!

Are you a Courageous Bystander? Have you ever heard a sexist or homophobic joke and wished you had confronted it? Witnessed someone name-calling or hitting another person? Seen a woman passed out drunk in a room at a house party, then a man goes in and closes the door? Were you left with the nagging feeling that someone should have intervened…yet getting involved felt too risky? A “Courageous Bystander” is someone who takes an active role in promoting a respectful environment, or who takes action to safely and responsibly interfere with abusive behaviors, statements, or attitudes. This interactive program helps participants learn ways to be a courageous bystander and possibly save someone from victimization and trauma.

Netflix and Chill?

How do you ask for consent? Talking about sex can be scary, but it’s essential to be sure that your behavior is safe & legal. Find out how your peers ask for sex in this fun and interactive exercise. Learn about verbal & nonverbal red flags, and learn pathways to mutually respectful sexual encounters.

Where Do You Stand?

This human continuum exercise will help participants identify or clarify their own beliefs and values related to sexual assault, sexual harassment & sexual abuse as they consider and discuss a variety of both provocative and common college sexual scenarios. Students will learn what their peers think about when behavior crosses a line. Traditional myths about sexual assault will be de-bunked.

Why Doesn't She Just Leave?

Learn more about Intimate Partner Violence in this interactive simulation, where participants will be placed in a dating situation and asked to make some crucial decisions. Will you stay? Will you go? To whom can you turn? Participants will explore what makes a relationship healthy, unhealthy, or abusive; learn how to help a victim; and become familiar with resources available to students regarding relationships.

Wellness and Health Promotion

Presented by our Promoters of Wellness Peer Educators.

Wellness and Health Promotion Programs

Presented by our Promoters of Wellness Peer Educators.

Alcohol and Substance Use Jeopardy

This jeopardy board covers vaping, marijuana, alcohol and prescription drug misuse. The classroom program also provides students with an interactive opportunity to “Map Your Night” and see how the choices they make impact the end of their night when they go out.

Sex Jeopardy

It’s Jeopardy, but with a healthy sexuality twist! Participants will test their knowledge of STIs, gender identity, sexual orientation, sex drive, anatomy and more. Students will walk away with a better understanding of how to engage in safer sex, while respecting themselves and their partners. They will also learn where to find appropriate campus resources.

Stressed Out

College is an an amazing experience, but it can also be stressful! In this program, students will develop a stress management plan to use during trying times in college and post graduation. This coping plan will help students identify their signs and sources of stress and brainstorm strategies to handle them in a positive way. Students will also complete a mindfulness exercise and learn where to go to seek help from campus resources.

Recovery and Substance Use

Presented by our CRC students

Recovery and Substance Use Programs

Presented by our CRC students

Recovery in College

Students from the Collegiate Recovery Community here at UD will come and talk about their own personal experiences with addiction and recovery as students. They will also talk informatively about addiction and recovery from a medical and sociological perspective, dispelling common misconceptions about substance use disorders in the general population and among college students. This program concludes with a presentation of the services offered by the Collegiate Recovery Program at UD and ways that interested students can get involved supporting sober students on campus. (Limited Availability)

Other Services You Can Request

Provided by our S.O.S. Peer Advocates.

Audience Support

S.O.S. provides audience support at campus events which discuss sexual misconduct, sexual assault, relationship violence, etc. Some attendees may have a strong emotional reaction to the content and wish to speak with an advocate. If you are planning an event that will focus on these topics, you can request that S.O.S. provide advocates to be present during the event in case audience members would like support. It is encouraged that you include this information in any introductions or announcements made at the beginning of the event to make your audience aware.

S.O.S. Table

S.O.S. can have a table with our resources and information at your campus event if it is relevant to the topics that we address.  If you are planning a resource fair or event that will focus on these topics, you can request that S.O.S. have a table at the event.

To request either of these services:

Click the button below or the following link: S.O.S. Outreach Request.

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