Student Wellness Continues Supporting Our Student Population

We recognize that many students are now more vulnerable as they face unprecedented circumstances due to the coronavirus pandemic. As a result we have made changes to our services to best meet student needs during this remote-work period. Updates will be made as necessary.

Contact Information

Our regular office number: 302-831-3457 is still active. However, if someone on staff is not able to answer your call immediately, callers will experience a 15 second delay before being able to leave a voicemail message. Once we receive your message, we’ll return your call as soon as possible. As always, you can email us at:

Collegiate Recovery Community

The opposite of addiction is connection. In these unprecedented circumstances, connection has become challenging and looks different from our typical experiences with others. This is why the Collegiate Recovery Community (CRC) at UD is offering a number of opportunities for students who are in recovery from drug or alcohol use or who are living with others who have behavioral addictions the opportunity to connect virtually. To attend a remote support meeting, email Jess Estok ( to receive the meeting password.

Remote support meetings through confidential Zoom open to any UD student:

If you would like to be contacted about recovery support at UD for any behavioral addiction, please complete this form: or email Jess Estok at

Learn more at our Collegiate Recovery Community website:

Substance Use Counseling Services

During this time of transition, we recognize that use of alcohol or other drugs may be a concern for you. We’re also aware that you might find yourself now living with someone else (family member, friend, roommate, etc) who is engaging in problematic substance use. If you are concerned about your current alcohol or drug use, or that of a friend or family member, please call Student Wellness at 302-831-3457, or email us at to schedule a confidential distance-meeting. Counselors at Student Wellness are available for remote supportive counseling or consultation.

Victims of Sexual Misconduct

Sexual Offense Support (S.O.S.) continues to provide 24/7 confidential victim advocacy regarding sexual assault, intimate partner violence, sexual harassment and stalking via the UD Helpline 24/7/365.

Anyone in the UD community may call 302-831-1001 and press 1 to get connected with a trained advocate.  The clinician will take down a first name and phone number and have the advocate on duty call back within 10 minutes.  During this time, to safeguard the health of everyone involved, and in compliance with hospital mandates, S.O.S. will not be able to accompany survivors to the hospital for a forensic exam; however, callers can speak with an advocate before and after a hospital visit.  For more on how a victim advocate can help, see:

Professional Victim Advocacy Appointments

Professional Victim Advocates from Student Wellness & Health Promotion can provide virtual video appointments with students on an as-needed basis using a secure and HIPAA-compliant version of Zoom.  To schedule an appointment for an online video meeting, go to:

Wellness Events and Programming

Virtual Wellness Speaker Series

We’ve taken our annual Wellness Speaker Series, which is celebrating its 5th year, and moved it online to continue supplying our UD community with diverse and rich educational presentations about a variety of health and wellness topics. This year’s subjects include: anxiety, stress management, substance use and recovery, and building self confidence, self esteem and resilience.

  • Summer Bukeavich is a UD alumnae who has lived with an anxiety disorder since she was 19 years old. She tried to manage her anxiety with therapy and medication, but her unsupportive work environment triggered her anxiety every day; until she regained control of her life and found a workplace that better suited her needs. Summer talks about what it’s like to experience a panic attack and the downward spiral between her mind and body, as well as the role of anxiety-producing environments and strategies to manage or support someone with anxiety. Sign in to UD Capture Space to watch her full presentation:
  • Patrick Holbert is a comedian who shares stories from his college years about his experiences with alcoholism and addiction. Patrick chose to regain control of his life and his happiness; today, he celebrates over 10 years of sobriety. From substance misuse to mental health issues and family dysfunction, Patrick aspires to raise awareness and help others address their problems or support a friend or family member struggling with similar issues. Sign in to UD Capture Space to watch his full presentation:
  • Sadiq Ali (May 14, 2020 at 3:00 PM EST) believes the number one tool for success is having confidence. Sadiq is passionate about helping individuals, families, and communities become the best versions of themselves despite adversities they face and unsupportive cultural constructs. Sadiq will share both personal stories and history’s triumphs to inspire young adults to build confidence by overcoming the fears and limitations we create for ourselves so we can break through the limits society sets on us. Register in advance via Zoom to participate in the Live Question and Answer session at the end of the presentation:

You can learn more about the speaker’s presentations including the learning outcomes and wellness dimensions they’ll be addressing on our website:

Recovery Yoga

We know that during this time maintaining sobriety or managing trauma may be more challenging. We also know that stressful times like this are challenging for everyone. As a result, we are offering a Recovery Yoga video (approx. run time: 45 minutes) which all UD community members may watch for free via Zoom.

However, in order to protect the rights of the video and content owner, the video is password protected. You must submit a valid UD email address using the form below and submit your initials, agreeing to not share the password with anyone. Once you have submitted this information, you will receive the password and be redirected to the recording.

Recovery Yoga password request form.

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