About Our Office

Our staff is excited to work with you to support health and wellness goals for you and our UD community

Student Wellness and Health Promotion provides services to support students’ behavioral and emotional wellness, and helps students evaluate options for maintaining healthy lifestyles, through prevention, intervention, and education.  We believe that students develop and grow their wellness foundation by learning and practicing knowledge, skills and strategies related to health and wellness through a variety of modalities. To meet these educational needs, we provide students with learning opportunities that include: large scale events, small group workshops, in-class presentations, reading materials and online activities to test learning. With robust content that covers an array of health and wellness topics, we believe that Blue Hens can be equipped to support individual as well as community health and wellness. To further this goal we build and maintain diverse partnerships with on and off campus resources. We look for ways to engage all members of our UD community in making this campus a healthier, more well place to be.

Administrative Staff

To reach administrative staff call: 302-831-3457

    Assistant Directors

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    Student Wellbeing Feedback Form

    Student Wellbeing units are interested in your feedback to help us improve our services.  The more information you can provide, the more we are able to address concerns and issues.  This feedback form will be read about once weekly.

    If you have immediate concerns about your experience, please call 302-831-2226.