7 Pointers on Being a Great Friend

Posted on September 3, 2019 at: 11:59 am

Do you ever wonder if you are being a good friend to others?

If they think of you as positively as you think of them? If you see them enough? I know I do. It definitely isn’t something to stress about, because odds are, you’re doing fine! Either way, you’ll want to know these 7 pointers on how to be a reliable, strong, and great friend.

    1.  Be reliable! If your friends are able to rely on you with something- either doing something for them, asking a question, or finding out something they need to know – then they can trust you.
    2. Make sure you put aside time to spend with them. School can get super stressful, and it may feel like it has to be on your radar 24/7, but in reality, it doesn’t have to be that way. Make sure that no matter what, you get quality time in with your friends each week.
    3. Listen to your friends when they need it! Have you ever been in a situation where you literally just want to spill all your thoughts and feelings out to someone?? You can be that friend who listens. They may not even need your feedback or advice, they just want you there for support.
    4. Meet new people when you can. It is so great to experience new personalities and make relationships with different people throughout your life. This will broaden your own friendships and make them stronger through your involvement with others and time management.
    5. Support your friends!! If you can encourage your friends in what they are going after, it will be so appreciated. This can be their long-term goals, but also smaller things such as studying for a test, trying to score a job, or working out at the gym more.
    6. Act totally real with your friend. You have to feel like you can be honest with them in order to have a strong relationship, and vice-versa. Being yourself with those you spend your time with is super important because that is who you are on the inside – pretending to be someone else or act “cool” really isn’t cool at all.
    7. Have FUN. Having a good time with your friends is when you make some of the best memories of all and really connect with each other. If you plan on doing fun activities together, even if it is just two of you, it will show that you want to be with them and spend time with them.

If you read through these and keep them in the back of your head, you’ll show your friends that you are a keeper. Try planning a special activity with one or two of your friends this week that you haven’t seen in a little while – go out for ice cream, take a trip to the mall, or just do some homework together. They’ll really like you reaching out to them and thinking of them.