Save the Dates: Announcing the 2019 Wellness Speaker Series!

Posted on January 31, 2019 at: 12:30 pm

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More information about Ryan can be found here:

Ryan Sallans: March 19th at 7pm in Kirkbride 006

Ryan struggled with gender dysphoria and anorexia nervosa during college, and after he came out as transgender, he endured rejection and discrimination from loved ones, as well as in healthcare and employment settings.  Ryan’s talk will focus on body image issues as they relate to managing mental health so that students will walk away being able to describe how negative social norms impact a person’s wellness. In addition, students will learn how to identify a strategy to help a friend self-advocate for themselves when facing a challenge, and how to identify a strategy to build or improve a support network.

Students who attend this presentation will be able to understand the struggles some transgender individuals face, recognize their own identity, and any difficulties associated with it, and understand how to create strong support networks within their own communities. The presentation will address social, physical, and emotional wellness.


Amber Krzys: April 16th at 7pm in Kirkbride 006

In 2008, Amber finally stepped on stage for the first time to perform on Broadway – her childhood dream, but, no one knew that Amber was obsessed with perfection and having a flawless body. Today, Amber uses her own experiences as a Broadway actress, life coach, and author to help other people chase their dreams, find value and happiness in life, and help people reach their fullest potential – personally and professionally. Students will learn how to identify their sources of motivation to help them create achievable goals and how to support a friend achieve their goal.

Students who attend this presentation will be able to recognize strategies to practice self-love, improve their personal body image, and better their motivation skills for day-to-day activities. The presentation will address emotional, career, and intellectual wellness.

More information about Amber can be found here:

More information about Woody can be found here:


Woody Roseland: May 7th at 7pm in Kirkbride 006

Despite having survived cancer eight times at the cost of losing a leg, Woody Roseland has taken his life back into his own hands – starting companies, athletic competitions, and traveling the world while pursuing his passion for film. Woody will incorporate stand-up comedy to share his story while inspiring students to be their best selves and bring out the best in people. Students will learn the importance of maximizing their potential early in life, benefits of using creative outlets to cope with life’s challenges, and how to help a friend cope with emotions when dealing with challenges.

Students who attend this presentation will be able to identify positive coping strategies for loss or stress, recognize how to be an inspiration to others, and learn ways to focus on their passions. The presentation will address spiritual, creative, and emotional wellness.