Racism is a community trauma and public health crisis that dehumanizes and prevents personal wellbeing. At Student Wellness and Health Promotion, we strive to interrupt the normalization of whiteness and to examine and adapt our own practices to better treat everyone with dignity, respect, love, caring and warmth. We commit to powerful and positive change through purposeful action by removing barriers to wellbeing, supporting the unique needs of students, and honoring their differences. Holding ourselves accountable for interrupting racism and other inequities in all their forms, we aim to move the University of Delaware and ourselves towards a more just and equitable community.

Keeping Our Community Healthy

Student Wellness and Health Promotion is now open on the 3rd floor of the Wellbeing Center at Warner Hall. Many of our services, resources and programming are still available virtually as well as in person.
To schedule a counseling or advocacy appointment, call us at: 302-831-3457, or stop by Suite #305 Warner Hall, 280 The Green, Newark, DE 19716
To schedule an educational program or seminar, submit a Program Request form. For any additional questions, email us at: studentwellness@udel.edu.

Upcoming Events

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Sexual Offense Support

S.O.S. Victim Advocates are available to call 24/7/365.  Press 1 to reach a victim advocate. The staff member who answers will take a first name and phone number, and an S.O.S. Victim Advocate will call you back within 10 minutes. Click the button below to call.

Our Mission

Create a foundation for lifelong wellbeing by providing Blue Hens with the wellness tools to make healthy choices that contribute to a safer UD.

Our Work

Student Wellness and Health Promotion supports behavioral health and wellness. Behavioral health and wellness encompasses the promotion of health, resilience and wellbeing for individuals and communities to support body, mind and spirit.

Overview of Services

We offer a wide variety of health and wellness services to our students and campus community. Click the toggles below to learn more about these resources

Alcohol and Substance Use

Crisis Counseling and Victim Advocacy

  • All services are available to victims of sexual assault, harassment, stalking, dating, and domestic violence
  • 24/7/365 crisis intervention and advocacy through Sexual Offense Support (S.O.S.)
  • Prevention education and advocacy including how to give and ask for consent
  • Individual Appointments for confidential crisis counseling
  • Support Groups: include our Empowerment Group for survivors of sexual violence, as well as a Healthy Relationships Group

Wellness Education and Additional Services

Connect With and Contact Us

promo banner for new amabassdor program with students and YoUDee wearing masks supporting the protect the flock campaign to reduce covid-19 spread

Blue Hens are Helping to Protect the Flock

By creating and sharing digital materials, UD Student Wellbeing Ambassadors will help reduce their peers’ risk of COVID-19 infection by encouraging student engagement in protective factors (such as mask wearing), self-advocacy (such as sticking to party-size limits), and other UD community health efforts (such as completing the daily symptom checker).

person listening to a podcast and smiling, text: "blue hen wellbeing podcast, listen today at www.udel.edu/008184"

A Podcast Mini-Series by Students, for Students.

This semester we’ll be featuring twice monthly episodes scripted and hosted by our ambassadors. Below you can listen to the latest episode, or you can catch the series on Spotify: www.udel.edu/008184.

Student Involvement Opportunities

We recognize that different students have different needs for improving their personal wellbeing and different talents to help improve our campus wellbeing. To provide wellness growth for as many students as possible, we offer campus events, internship opportunities, supportive communities and experiences that build professional skills.

Internship Opportunities

We have both paid and for-academic-credit (unpaid) internships that help you build skills related to communication, project planning, critical thinking work ethic. Click to learn more about Internship Opportunities.
access to the blue hen wellbeing community is 100% remote and available through your phone

Blue Hen Wellbeing Community

This is a free, non-credit, self-paced and self-directed online learning space for UD students to explore wellness topics that interest them while connecting with their peers. Click to learn more about the Blue Hen Wellbeing Community.

Collegiate Recovery Community

The CRC provides a safe space so a person doesn’t have to choose between recovery and their college degree! Click to learn more about CRC at UD.

Sexual Offense Support Peer Advocates

S.O.S. believes in empowering individuals and groups to respond to survivors of sexual misconduct in ways that are confidential, empathetic, and non-judgmental. Click to learn more about SOS Peer Advocates.

Improve Your Wellness

Be sure to share the resources below with fellow Blue Hens to promote a healthy and well campus for all.

Choosing Well at UD

We believe in providing students with the wellness resources to make responsible decisions. Click to learn more about Choosing Well at UD.

9 Wellness Dimensions

We believe there are 9 dimensions of wellness that impact human life. Click to learn more about the 9 Wellness Dimensions.

Wellness Videos

Take a short wellness break or learn more about wellbeing. Click to watch our Wellness Videos.