TurboVote Competition

University of Delaware TurboVote Competition

Democracy requires you to show up. Regardless of your political affiliation, all college students should be encouraged to vote if they’re eligible. On Tuesday September 22, colleges around the country will celebrate National Voter Registration Day. Join in the festivities by opting-in to the UD TurboVote competition for September 15 – 22. Join the competition here!


TurboVote Competition Details

  • Any friend group, team, RSO, or individual can opt-in using this form to receive a custom TurboVote referral link to sign-up for TurboVote. Encourage your friends and family to use your link, people who are not a part of your organization will can be counted towards your goal too! Sign-ups will begin to count for your organization between September 15 – September 22.
  • Whichever group receives the most sign-ups via their link by Tuesday September 22 at 5 p.m. will win recognition as the most engaged group on campus and become eligible for a slew of amazing prizes.
  • You can check out this leaderboard each day of the competition to see who’s winning!
  • The deadline to opt-in to the competition is September 7th. All organizations and individuals who fill out the form above will receive their unique URL link on September 14th.

Why should you care?

  • UD has a voter registration rate of 83%, but only a 57% turnout in the last presidential election. Those are decent numbers, but all of those students have since graduated! We need to keep it up.
  • Young people make up the largest electorate, but we don’t vote nearly as much as older Americans. Therefore our opinions don’t get heard, and the issues we care about can easily be ignored by politicians.
  • Voting is the greatest civic duty. Every time we don’t exercise that right, we waste an incredible opportunity to be part of something much bigger than ourselves


Any questions? Email the Student Voting and Civic Engagement Task Force at TurboVoteCompetition@udel.edu

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