Steering Committee

Welcome and thank you for visiting the University of Delaware’s Steering Committee for Student Voting and Civic Engagement. The committee was formed in the Fall of 2019 and charged by the Vice President of Student Life. Members who represent all facets of the University community, including faculty, staff, and students, strive to encourage students to vote, engage in their communities, and practice civil discourse. In the Fall of 2020, the committee urged UD students to compete to register voters for National Voter Registration Day, Tuesday, Sept. 22, a nonpartisan national civic holiday.

UD aims to develop leaders and citizens of the future. The work of the Steering Committee amplifies opportunities for students to develop the skills necessary to serve in these roles.

Co-Chair Kathleen Kerr • Associate Vice President, Student Life
Co-Chair Lindsay Hoffman • Associate Professor, Communication & Political Science, Communication
Anya Sen • Undergraduate Student
Mark Jackson • Graduate Student
Julia Rowland • Graduate Student
Marissa McClenton • Undergraduate Student
Niah Cox-Lane • Graduate Student
Omar Talib (Melton) • Graduate Student
Ayline Mejia • Graduate Student
Gillian Williams • Graduate Student
Cathy McLaughlin • Executive Director, Biden Institute
Perry Spiegel • Events Manager, Biden Institute
Valerie Lane • Assistant Policy Scientist, Community Engagement
Alex Keen • Assistant Director, Student Center
Sara Lowery • Assistant Director, Fraternity and Sorority, Leadership & Learning
Tierra Fields • Assistant Director, Residence Life & Housing
Edward Franklin • Program Coordinator, Center for Black Culture
Anna Nuzzolese • Graduate Student
Fahmida Zaman • Graduate Student
“Patricia Sloan-White • Chairperson, Women and Gender Studies
Professor, Anthropology, Women and Gender Studies”
Grace Adeneye • Assistant Librarian, Library
L. Rebecca Johnson Melvin • Librarian, Library
John Caldwell • Sr. Associate Librarian, Library
Andre Smith • Digital Communications Specialist, Arts & Sciences
Julia Moscato • Asst Director, Employer Relations, Athletics
Jenny Lambe • Associate Professor, Communication
Tracey Holden • Assistant Professor, Communication
Christina Stauffer • Associate Director, Residence Life & Housing
Julie Millisky • Program Coordinator, Student Centers

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