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Leadership offerings for all Blue Hens!

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Everyday Diversity:
Presented by Justin Jones Fosu

The big buzz word going around today is Diversity and quickly followed by Inclusion. How do you feel about it? Really, when you first hear or see the word “Diversity” what emotions and thoughts does it bring to your mind? Diversity speaker Justin Jones Fosu found that in his audiences there are several different thoughts and reactions. Some people love it, and some people hate it. Some people feel positive thoughts and other dreadful ones. Some people feel like it helps them and others feel like it puts them at a disadvantage. Jones says that we may have been wrongly defining Diversity in the first place and that EVERYONE benefits from it when it’s viewed the right way? Jones believes that we have to move the conversation from where it’s been (THE Head) to where it should be (THE HEART).

Anytime Event

Marlon Smith: Success by Choice Keynote

Marlon Smith is a tradition at UD. For the past 10 years, he has provided an inspirational, humorous, and insightful welcome to students in BHLP. This year, his audience includes all UD students. Spend an hour hearing insights about keys to college success while being entertained by Marlon’s high energy and inspirational style!

Leadership At Home

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BHLP Workshops

The Blue Hen Leadership Program is offering leadership workshops to the entire UD community to watch at your leisure. Students currently enrolled in Tier 1 of BHLP or in BOLT will be able to complete their certification by completing the necessary workshops included on the BHLP at Home page. Students who have questions about Tier 1 or are interested in becoming a participant in BHLP in the fall should email Mathew Creasy at for information about requirements. 

Any student group, athletic team, RSO or Greek chapter that is interested in scheduling a live professional development workshop through Zoom with a BHLP staff member should contact Susan Luchey at BHLP staff requests that any workshop would have at least 6 participants confirmed before scheduling a live workshop.

Concepts for Meaningful Conversations

Based on Dr. Maura Cullen’s book, “35 Dumb Things Well-Intentioned People Say,” this brief workshop presents 10 common uses of language, that while typically well-intentioned, are actually statements of bias, prejudice or cultural appropriation. The workshop aims to increase awareness of how we use language so that we are intentional about things we should not say.

Presented by Susan Luchey, Associate Director, University Student Centers

Anytime Event

Growth Mindset

Grab your quarantine buddy or go it along with  a pen or pencil as you hear how to become an “artist of the mind”. In this workshop you’ll learn about how developing a growth mindset for yourself and for your team will open new doors to opportunity, self confidence and success

Presented by: Matt Selba, BHLP alumni and high school math teacher

Anytime Event


Partially based on Tara Mohr’s book “Playing Big”, this workshop explores how individuals limit themselves by underestimating their abilities and selling themselves short.  “Fempowerment: Co-Creating Women Leaders” will show you ways to assess your self-efficacy, explore your biases, and gain confidence to accept individual responsibility for moving women’s leadership development forward. 

Presented by Julie Millisky, BHLP Program Coordinator

Watch These Videos in Order

This workshop has multiple videos to incorporate external content. Please watch the videos in order 1 through 6 continuing, as prompted, to watch the external videos.