Nicole Mozee

My experiences as a McNair scholar and a member of Greek Life have definitely been valuable to me. Within McNair, I grew as an academic and as a researcher, and developed a passion to learn as well as a unique approach to it that ultimately helped me get into law school. Greek Life taught me a lot about community, professionalism, and especially resiliency, all of which eventually carried through into my other experiences and are still with me today. From my participation in Chi Upsilon Sigma, I learned how to be one person and balance multiple tasks simultaneously within time constraints. As one person at a small [law] firm, I don’t receive every case we take on but the load can get overwhelming at times. From the time that I joined my sorority until graduation, I never had more than one or two sisters on campus with me; both then and now, learning how to structure one’s time and work accordingly has proven key.

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