Maria Barriga on left

After leading Student Centers Programming Advisory Board and working as a University Student Centers building manager, I know that student life is where my passion lies — these experiences are what resonate with me and are what I will talk and think about when I look back on UD. What I have learned from working in the USC versus SCPAB, I can’t really separate because they are so intertwined. Interacting with clients and ensuring that they are as happy as they can be with what we have provided is my favorite part of the job. I appreciate the rare spontaneous inspiration that is sometimes required to keep things running smoothly. I actually got involved in HOLA before SCPAB, and they were welcoming right away with Hispanic music playing when I walked into their meeting. I noticed immediately that English was their language of choice and none of them were international students, but I met my first friends there and we are still close. My connection that I feel to the University of Delaware, and I really love UD, is because of my experiences and interactions with everyone that makes up Student Life.

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