AAAHC Accreditation Statement

University of Delaware Student Health Services is committed to the delivery of quality care. This commitment to quality and excellence is demonstrated by achieving accreditation of our health services. Accreditation is a voluntary process through which we are able to measure the quality of our services and performance against nationally recognized standards. This involves a self assessment and a review by the accrediting agency expert surveyors. The self analysis, peer review and consultative process helps us continually improve our care and services to our students. The process of accreditation, involving the health services professional and support staff, university administration and many student organizations, enhances our ability to maintain our position as a center of excellence for student health services.

Accreditation Standards
The standards describe organization characteristics that the AAAHC believes are essential to high quality patient care. Performance and organizational standards relate to such areas as quality of care and quality improvement programs, health records, environmental safety, professional development and issues related to demonstrated sensitivity to patient rights, confidentiality and privacy. The standards have been developed by individuals representing the highest levels of achievement in clinical practice and health care management. Campus health programs, including infirmary/inpatient services are an integral part of the many ambulatory care services and organizations that provide quality health care services to the nation’s students.

Emergencies and After-Hours Care

Medical Emergencies

Christiana Care Health System

Newark Urgent Care

CareNet After-Hours Medical Advice

Other Options for 24/7 Care and Pharmacies

Be sure to tell your provider if you suspect or know that you are COVID-19 positive so that appropriate precautions can be taken.