Suspended Students

In some instances, it may be necessary to suspend a student, as the result of one case (which resulted in harm or disruption to the University community) or a number of cases (which demonstrate the student is not willing to adhere to community standards.) A suspension holds a student accountable for their behavior but will also, hopefully, serve as a catalyst for the student to re-evaluate their priorities and return to the University following suspension committed to contributing positively to the University community.

While Suspended

When a student is suspended, they are not eligible to enroll in any classes (in-person, online, on any campus) nor are they permitted to participate in any University-sponsored activities (including but not limited to student organization meetings, performances and athletic competitions.) The student is also banned from physically being on campus and is prohibited from entering any University-owned property.

The student may communicate with University officials (such as an academic advisor) by e-mail, phone or video-conference, but is prohibited from conducting University business in person, unless prior permission is granted by Student Conduct.

During the period of suspension, a student is encouraged to continue their educational pursuits at other institutions, work or attend meetings/counseling to focus on changing behavior, especially behavior that resulted in suspension.

Anticipated Return to the University

Approximately one month before a student’s suspension ends, they may complete this form requesting to begin the re-entry process. Please see this chart for more specific dates. Re-entry will include the following:

  • Submitting a re-entry portfolio to the Office of Student Conduct via this online form. (Portfolio content expectations are available here; the same information was also included in e-mail communications sent to student.)
  • Completing a re-application form via the Office of the Registrar (includes a re-application fee.)
  • Completing a re-entry meeting with a member of the Student Conduct staff.

Following Return

Once the re-entry portfolio has been submitted and the re-entry meeting completed, the student’s conduct file will be updated accordingly. The student’s conduct record will be maintained until they graduate, in accordance with the Retention of Records policy.

Additional Violations

If a student violates additional Code of Conduct policies while suspended (such as trespassing on campus), that student can expect, at minimum, the suspension period to be extended. Similarly, a student who violates additional Code of Conduct policies after being suspended and re-enrolling, they can expect a second suspension to be enacted. Expulsion (defined as a permanent separation from the University) may also result.