Student Guide to University Policies

The Student Guide to University Policies explains expectations for behavior for all students, consequences if these expectations are not met, and the process used to determine if policies have been violated. The Student Guide is divided into four sections. Each is described below briefly. To link to the specific section, simply click on the title.


Code of Conduct

This section lists the policies alphabetically. Each entry includes a statement of policy plus examples of behavior that would constitute a violation of that policy. All policies are in place to ensure that behavior of students and student organizations contributes to a safe and academically-focused environment and does not cause disruption or harm to the University community.


Student Conduct Process

This section explains the processes in place to investigate and resolve possible violations of the Code of Conduct. This includes explaining the pre-hearing, hearing and appeal process, as well as rights of students who are involved in the student conduct process.



This section describes the consequences applied when a student has violated the Code of Conduct. Types of sanctions include both educational and disciplinary actions.


Grievances and Special Problems

This section describes how students can bring a grievance (such as a grade or discrimination grievance) to the attention of the University. It also includes how the student can gain assistance for such things as a leave of absence due to medical concerns or military service.