Time frame for re-applying after a suspension

Students who are serving a suspension from the University are eligible to start the re-application process as follows:


If your suspension is effective through:Contact the Office of Student Conduct:
Fall semester (December 31)December 1
Winter Session (January 31)December 1
Spring semester (May 31)May 1
Summer Session (August 31)July 1 (international students only)
August 1 (all other students)


You may call the Office of Student Conduct at 302-831-2117 or send an e-mail to student-conduct@udel.edu to express your interest in re-applying.

The Office of Student Conduct will release conduct-related holds from your student account and send you more details about how to re-apply. It may take up to four weeks before a submitted re-application is reviewed and a decision is sent to you. If you are an international student, please see the international student FAQs  – specifically the last one – for additional steps necessary to re-issue your visa, I-20 and other documents.