Limited Release of Records

Based on an initiative from the Student Government Association, the Student Guide to University Policies was updated in Summer 2017 to allow students, in certain circumstances, to have conduct records protected and not released to entities outside the University, such as graduate schools or potential employers. This policy, known as a Limited Release of Records, was instituted in recognition that students make mistakes and a small error in judgment early on in a student’s academic career should not have significant negative impact on their future endeavors.


To be eligible for a Limited Release of Records, the following criteria must be met:

  1. Only one disciplinary case is on record.
  2. The case did not include a violation of the Academic Honesty Policy or behavior of violence, threat of violence, sexual misconduct, discrimination or harassment.
  3. A sanction of Disciplinary Probation, Deferred Suspension from University Housing and/or Deferred Suspension from the University was assigned to the case.
  4. Three semesters have passed since the ending date of all the above-listed sanctions.

If all the above criteria are met, the student may complete a Request for Limited Release of Records. Once completed, the Request will be evaluated and a decision will be made and communicated to the student via e-mail, within 30 days after submission.

Results of the Limited Release of Records

If the Limited Release of Records is granted, the student’s conduct record will be updated. As a result, the following will occur:

  • Information regarding the incident will not be shared with entities outside the University. If asked to share conduct history, the student may indicate there is no history to share.
  • Information regarding the incident may be shared with offices or departments within the University who have an educational need to know such information. If asked to share conduct history, the student must indicate there was indeed a conduct issue.

Full details of the Limited Release of Records may be reviewed in the Retention and Release of Disciplinary Records section of the Student Guide to University Policies.