International Student FAQs

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I have a conduct case pending with the Office of Student Conduct and am possibly facing suspension from the University. What should I do?

Contact International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) to discuss possible visa implications if you were to be suspended. You may e-mail OISS at, call 302-831-2115 or visit the office, at Elliott Hall, 26 E. Main St., Newark, DE.

Also, be certain to check your University e-mail regularly for information from the Office of Student Conduct regarding your case and the student conduct process.

Finally, consider contacting a student conduct advisor to assist you in the student conduct process.

I received notification from the Office of Student Conduct that I have been suspended from the University and banned from campus. What should I do?

You should immediately contact International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) to inform them you have been suspended. You may e-mail ISSS at or call 302-831-2115.

Since a student who is suspended is also banned from campus, an in-person visit is typically not possible. However, if you feel an in-person meeting is essential, please e-mail or call the Office of Student Conduct to request permission to be on campus to visit ISSS. You must receive permission from Student Conduct before you can meet in-person with ISSS.

Staff in ISSS will explain your options from an immigration standpoint. They will also discuss expectations and deadlines related to your ability to remain in the United States.

I am suspended from the University of Delaware. Do I have to leave the United States? Will I be deported?

Please contact your international student advisor in International Student and Scholar Services for assistance. As noted in previous question, contact should be via email or phone; do not visit in person.

While I am suspended from the University of Delaware, can I attend another institution in the United States?

Each student’s case and situation is different. Therefore, we recommend that you contact your international student advisor at ISSS to discuss whether you are eligible for a transfer.

What if I am suspended from the residence halls only, but not the entire University?

US government requirements state that international students must have a current local address on file with ISSS. Therefore, if you live on campus and are suspended from the residence halls only (not from the entire University), please update your local address with ISSS once you have moved to a new off-campus location.

What is the difference between a passport, visa, and I-20? Which of these documents is affected by me being suspended from the University?

The passport is a document issued for travel by your home country. The I-20 is a document issued by ISSS in order for a student to apply for an F-1 visa and to maintain legal status while studying in the U.S. The F-1 visa sticker in the passport allows for entry into the U.S. as long as it is valid.

Please contact your international student advisor at ISSS to discuss your immigration documents and how suspension from the University affects your immigration status.

What criteria are considered by the University to determine if I am re-admitted following my suspension?

Decisions regarding re-admitting students are handled by the academic college to which the student is applying for re-admission (usually the college the student was affiliated with when they were enrolled prior to suspension). Decisions are generally dependent upon the student’s GPA. If a student was in good academic standing at the time of the suspension, the student is likely to be readmitted. For more details about criteria, you should contact the specific college to which you are interested in applying.

My suspension from the University is almost over. I want to come back to UD. What do I need to do?

  1. Submit your re-entry portfolio.
  2. Contact the Office of Student Conduct to have your registration hold removed. View a chart of when you should call OSC.
  3. The Office of Student Conduct will send you details regarding re-applying to the University.
  4. Complete the re-application process (with the Registrar’s Office) and a re-entry meeting (with the Office of Student Conduct.)
  5. Contact International Student and Scholar Services to notify them you have started the re-application process.
  6. Wait for notification that you have been admitted to the University.
  7. Contact ISSS to have new government documents (i.e. visa) issued to you.