COVID-19 Sanctioning for Gatherings

In a letter dated September 17, 2020, the University stressed the importance of “protecting the flock” by abiding by all guidelines and expectations in order to combat the spread of COVID-19. This letter also discussed the consequences for not abiding by the guidelines, particularly in regards to social gatherings. Specifically, the letter stated:

  • UD will strictly enforce the City of Newark ordinances limiting gathering size (no more than 12 people indoors and no more than 20 outdoors), and consequences for anyone hosting an unlawful gathering will start with a minimum of suspension and may lead to expulsion.
  • Additionally, those alleged to be hosting an unlawful gathering will be placed on emergency suspension, resulting in being banned from campus until the issue is resolved.
  • Those who attend unlawful gatherings will also be sanctioned and can expect deferred suspension, suspension or expulsion, as circumstances dictate.

If students are documented for violating guidelines and expectations, and therefore University policy, the students will be contacted by Student Conduct staff to discuss the pending case and consequences.