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Is the Office of Student Conduct open?

The Office of Student Conduct is operating in a hybrid fashion. All conduct meetings (case intakes, hearings) will be conducted via Zoom. Selected staff members will be in the office during regular business hours (Mon-Fri, 8:00AM-4:30PM) for walk-in consultation. You may contact us via phone (302-831-2117) our general e-mail ( or individual staff members’ e-mail accounts (click here for our staff listsing.)

I have been notified I have a pending case and need to complete a meeting to discuss the case. What should I do?

All conduct meetings will be completed virtually, either via Zoom or via an online form. Specific instructions for how to resolve your case are included in communications e-mailed to you from our office. If you have questions or need to re-schedule your meeting, please contact us (302-831-2117 or

If I deny responsibility, thus forwarding the case to the administrative hearing process, how will the hearing work?

Administrative hearings will be conducted virtually, via Zoom. When scheduling hearings, we will consider your class schedule as listed in UDSIS. Once a date and time have been determined, you will be provided details and a Zoom link.

Do you have tips for using Zoom?

When using ZOOM, you should observe the following guidelines:

  • Act in the same manner as if you were in person – be respectful, dress appropriately, do not interrupt others.
  • When in a ZOOM meeting, pick a setting where your privacy is maintained and distractions are minimized. If possible, do NOT use ZOOM while in a public place (restaurant, coffee shop, on the bus, etc.)
  • Minimize the number of other windows and apps you have running on your computer/phone, as having lots of other things running can slow down the ZOOM application and cause delays or disjointed speech/video.

Please click here for more information on Zoom.

I have a hold on my account because of incomplete sanctions. What should I do?

Please refer to all letters sent to you from our office which will include instructions for completing the sanction. If you cannot access those instructions or have other questions, please contact us (302-831-2117 or

I need a form completed which details my conduct record? What should I do?

If you need a form completed which details your conduct history (perhaps in conjunction with a graduate school application or offer of employment), please complete this request form to provide us the details. We will complete your form and send all necessary information within two business days. Alternately, you may hand-deliver the form to our office during regular business hours (Mon-Fri 8:00AM-4:30PM.)

We are unable to respond to requests submitted by fax. We are also unable to facilitate in-person review of records (many federal government agencies do this.) If someone is attempting to complete an in-person review of your record, please have them contact us at for more information.