Case Intake Meetings


A case intake meeting provides an opportunity to learn more about a pending conduct case. The student will meet with a case manager and discuss the following:

  • The student conduct process in general.
  • Student rights within the student conduct process.
  • The specific case pending, including the policies associated with case and are alleged to have been violated.
  • Sanctions which would be applied if responsible for the pending charges.
  • Options for resolving the case.

Case intake meeting are scheduled by the student or may be pre-scheduled by Student Conduct staff. Students should read their notification letter for details. Academic commitments as listed in UDSIS are considered when selecting a meeting day/time. If a student has an academic conflict with the chosen meeting, they can reschedule for an alternate day/time.

Students who have been co-charged with other students may conduct a case intake meeting together if they wish.

Student walking on campus