Submitting an academic honesty report

To submit a report regarding academic dishonesty for undergraduate students, please choose one of the options below.

To submit a report regarding academic dishonesty for graduate students, please contact Dr. Mary Martin, Associate Vice Provost for Graduate and Professional Education and Associate Dean, at 302-831-8916 or  

Resolution per Student Guide to University Policies

 As described in the Student Guide to University Policies, “When a faculty member suspects a student of an academic violation … [they] will submit the suspected academic violation to the Office of Student Conduct … for resolution.”

In such situations, the faculty member would submit all information and documentation relevant to the suspected dishonest act as well as a recommended academic penalty. Office of Student Conduct staff would recommend additional educational and disciplinary sanctions, then meet with the student to discuss the pending conduct case.

The student would have the right to participate in all steps of the student conduct process (case intake, hearing and appeal.) If, through the process, it is determined the student violated the Academic Honesty Policy, a formal conduct record would result.

Resolution per Faculty Handbook

As described in the Faculty Handbook, “At the faculty member’s discretion and with the concurrence of the student or students involved, some cases, though reported to the Office of [Student Conduct], may be resolved within the confines of the course.”

In such situations, the faculty member would meet with the student, explain the basis for the belief that dishonesty occurred and share the recommendation for an academic penalty chosen by the faculty member. If the student acknowledges violating the Academic Honesty Policy and accepts the proposed academic penalty, the matter would be considered closed. (If the student disagrees that dishonesty occurred or disagrees with the recommended academic penalty, the case would submitted via the formal resolution process.)

The faculty member would notify the Office of Student Conduct of the outcome, for informational purposes only. No additional action by Student Conduct would result nor would a conduct case or record be created.