PEG Writing Training Materials (downloads)

Here are some materials to help you and your students be successful when using PEG Writing. Feel free to leave a comment on this blog or email me with suggestions or questions. Happy Writing! – Joshua Wilson, Ph.D. (

  1. The PDFs include screenshots and instructions.
  2. The PowerPoint presentations include videos (with audio) of me demonstrating how to perform certain functions in PEG. To play the video and hear the audio:
    • Download the presentation
    • Open the presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint
    • Play the presentation in “Slide Show” mode and the audio and video will play automatically
  3. Videos are uploaded in the Mp4 format.

PEG Basics for Teachers – Video for Teachers

  • Link to YouTube video that covers all the basic teacher functions (providing feedback, setting up rosters, enabling and creating prompts, etc.):

Introducing PEG to Students for the First Time – Video for Students

Teaching Students How to Format an Essay in PEG – Video for Students

Setting Up Peer Review for Your Class in PEG – Video for Teachers

Teaching Students How to Use Peer Review in PEG – Video for Students

Teacher Training and Troubleshooting Materials

  1. Changing students’ passwords.pdf
  2. Increasing the default number of revisions for a prompt.pdf
  3. Batch-printing your whole class’ essays in PEG.pdf
  4. Printing individual student essays in PEG.pdf
  5. How students can access a draft that wasn’t finished.pdf
  6. How students can access spelling and grammar feedback.pdf
  7. Deleting student writing.pdf
  8. Assigning a lesson in PEG – PowerPoint with Video.pptx
  9. Adding students to a course in PEG – video (mp4)
  10. List of all lessons in PEG.pdf
  11. Creating a new course in a school in PEG (video for district and school administrators) (mp4)

Suggestions for Implementing PEG

  1. PEG Writing Best Practices
  2. Increasing Usage of PEG Writing
  3. Suggestions for Using PEG Writing with available technology.pdf

Useful Resources

  1. 2 Stars and a Wish Guide
  2. 2 Stars and a Wish Sentence Starters: Grades 6-12
  3. 2 Stars and a Wish Sentence Starters: Grades 3-5