Public Affairs Initiative to Africa


Providing a larger platform for student engagement and exchange with Sub-Saharan Africa.


To provide a centralized platform for student engagement and exchange with Sub-Saharan Africa within the spheres of research, policy, and community development, in addition to promoting a broader awareness around existing University-led projects in the region.


  1. Serve as a centralized student-led professional development body to raise awareness to faculty and students about the University’s various levels of engagement with Sub-Saharan Africa.
  2. Create new and promote existing opportunities for students to engage in academic and professional development experiences.
  3. Act as the chief organizer of student exchange conferences and programming in the African context via the School of Public Policy and Administration (SPPA) as its academic affiliate.
  4. Serve as a central location for faculty to recruit students with an interest in the African continent for study abroad programs, research projects, etc. and to explore what UD projects exist in areas of interest on the continent.
  5. Create and maintain both an inventory of University-wide contacts and engagement with Sub-Saharan Africa and a framework of strategic avenues of engagement that UD has undertaken around different fields (i.e. the Arts, Agriculture, Engineering, etc.).

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