Where Our Work Takes Us

Members of our lab have worked on many different languages of the world, and several of our lab members are actively engaged in linguistic fieldwork abroad. Here are some snapshots of some of our most recent trips. If you would like to know more about fieldwork opportunities in our department, please get in touch at with Katie Franich at kfranich@udel.edu.

Mackenzie Marcinko in Peru, July 2019

Third year PhD student Mackenzie Marcinko spent a month in Peru over the summer studying the phonetics of ejectives in Quechua. Mackenzie began studying Quechua as a member of Professor Irene Vogel’s field methods class during the 2018-2019 school year and received funding from the UD Unidel Foundation the UD College of Arts and Sciences to support her work.





Katie Franich in Cameroon, January 2018

Professor Franich spent three weeks in January of 2018 in Cameroon working with speakers of Medʉmba, a Grassfields Bantu language on which she has been conducting research since 2009. The research during this trip was focused on understanding patterns of speech timing in production and perception and how they relate to more general aspects of coordination. Katie was fortunate to have Corrine Foko, a Master’s student from the Department of African Languages and Linguistics at the University of Yaounde I, helping out as a research assistant (pictured in the rightmost photo, helping to set up a participant). The research is being funded by a grant from the University of Delaware Research Foundation.