Special Collections at 2013 Library Open House

Librarians from Special Collections participated in the 2013 Library Open House August 26 as part of the 1742 Welcome Days.  Maureen Cech, Alex Johnston, and Jaime Margalotti welcomed UD’s newest students with an overview of collection holdings and a few fun items.

19th- and 20th-century boardgames

Some 19th- and 20th-century boardgames. Shown here are Milton Bradley’s Bunny Blocks, Mark Twain’s Memory Builder, and Parker Brothers’ Authors Game.



Some selections from our early printed book holdings. Above: Mutus liber (1677), an alchemical text that used symbols to communicate its messages to the initiated; below: De natura aquatilium carmen (1558), a text on early applications of marine biology as it was understood and not-so-understood at the time.

Maureen Cech

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