Recent Acquisitions: Économie de l’Agriculture

Baron Élie Victor Benjamin Crud’s (1772-1845) Économie de l’Agriculture was a popular French work on agricultural economics. Crud used this copy of the 1820 first edition as his working manuscript for a much expanded and revised second edition of the book. (His revised version was published in 1839 under the title Économie théorique et pratique de l’Agriculture.) Working off of this copy, Crud made extensive handwritten revisions to the entire text. Some sections have been deleted in their entirety, and in many places he also pasted in additional pages of text in manuscript. The resulting manuscript provides a rare opportunity to see the author at work and offers insight into the nature and workings of his revision process. It also provides an authorial copy of the text, one which can be compared against the printed edition to identify and correct typos, omissions, and other errors which may have been introduced to the text by its printers.

Detail showing Crud’s manuscript corrections in his working copy of Économie Théorique et Practique de l’Agriculture.


Alexander Clark Johnston

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