• To contact an SOS Victim Advocate, call the UD Helpline 24/7/365 at 302-831-1001 and press 1. The clinician will check to make sure you are safe, then take a first name & phone number and have an Advocate call you back within 10 minutes.

Sexual Exploitation

Sexual Exploitation

“Sexual Exploitation” is a broad term like “sexual misconduct” that covers most forms of sexual or intimate abuse.  In this case we are referring to situations in which one person uses another’s sexuality without their consent, often for purposes of sexual gratification, financial gain, or personal advantage. It can take many forms.  A comprehensive site about all forms of sexual exploitation is the National Center on Sexual Exploitation.

Examples include:

  • Observing another person who is nude, or engaged in a sex act, or allowing another to observe consensual sexual activity without the knowledge and consent of all parties involved;
  • Non-consensual observing, recording, streaming or sharing of images, photography, video, or audio recording of sexual activity or nudity, or distribution of such, without the knowledge and consent of all parties involved;
  • Prostituting another person;
  • Exposing another person’s genitals in non-consensual circumstances;
  • Knowingly exposing another individual to a sexually transmitted disease or virus without that person’s knowledge or consent.
  • Revenge Porn is a form of sexual exploitation.


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