We are here for you!

In this time of school/work from home, we are still here for you! The helpline is operating for anyone who has experienced sexual harassment, sexual assault, intimate partner violence, or stalking, with questions about these topics, or if you are helping a friend.

Stalking Awareness Month

January is Stalking Awareness Month. Follow our social media or check out the SPARC site for info & resources.

You are unique and irreplaceable! Even when you feel low, remember that you are loved, and the world offers hope of better days to come.

Change the Culture

S.O.S. works to make our campus a safer, more respectful place where students intervene and support survivors. Request an S.O.S. prevention program!
Please explore our website to learn more about what are the various forms of sexual and gender-based violence, how an advocate can assist you, how to support a survivor, about the programs we can offer your group, and more.