University of Delaware



Social Media Steering Committee

The Social Media Steering Committee helps to shape and implement the University’s overall social media strategy. Its mission is to implement best practices University-wide, offer trainings and guide existing and potential social media account owners. The SMSC works to consolidate accounts in order to avoid audience overlap and to share real-time, multimedia content.

Committee Members

Holly Norton, Digital Content Manager (Chair)
Keith Heckert, Brand Director (Co-Chair)
Meredith Chapman, Director of Digital Communications (Co-Chair)
Katy O’Connell, Director, Environmental Public Education Office for College of Earth Ocean and Environment (Academics)
Jackie Tatnall, Assistant Director Communications and Marketing, Admissions (Admissions)
Jimmy Smith, Assistant AD of Multimedia, Athletics (Athletics)
Andrea Boyle Tippett, Director of External Relations (CPA)
Kelly Graf, Director, Development & Alumni Relations Communications (DAR)
Heather Catalino, Communications Specialist, Career Services Center (Student Life)
Richard Gordon, Manager IT Communication Group (IT)
Anu Sivaraman, Assistant Professor of Marketing, Lerner College (Faculty)