Courses & Teaching


  • Islam and Gender
  • Sex, Power, and Money
  • The Anthropology of Global Youth   For an article on this course, click here:
  • Asian Women in the Global Workplace
  • Wives, Mistresses and Matriarchs: Asian Women’s Lives
  • Anthropology of Capitalism
  • History of Anthropological Theory
  • Immigrant Islam in the West (Study Abroad Paris and London)
  • Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology
  • Muslim Delaware   For an article on my course on “Muslim Delaware,” click here:
  • Peoples and Cultures of East Asia
  • Peoples and Cultures of Southeast Asia
  • Peoples and Cultures of the Muslim World
  • Tutorial in Social and Cultural Anthropology: Reading and Writing Ethnography
  • Asian Women’s Lives (Masters of Arts in Liberal Studies Program)
  • Young, Privileged and Global: American and Malaysian Lives (interactive videoconference course co-taught with university students in Malaysia). For an article on my videoconference course between students at the University of Delaware and students in Malaysia, click here:


In all of my courses, I teach students that the words and experiences of their daily lives—gender, race, power and inequality, and the capitalist economy—concern ideas and realities that require them to look at, understand, and evaluate the impact we have on other cultures and societies. I emphasize that as informed citizens of the modern global world, they must know about the traditions, beliefs, and social practices which are embedded in our own and in other cultures and nations and the ways in which seemingly global practices such as capitalism are localized and particularized in different settings. Above all, I see teaching anthropology as a chance to enlarge students’ view of the world, and to help them understand some of the cultural, economic, historical, and religious forces that have shaped and will shape the modern world.

My courses are mostly writing-intensive courses. I ask students at all levels of their education to question through writing and critical thinking what defines difference and belonging in our own and other cultures, and what unites us as human beings.

I currently teach courses in the Department of Women and Gender Studies and several of my courses fulfill requirements for the major and minor in Asian Studies, the minor in Women & Religion, and the minor in Islamic Studies.

In 2008, I earned the University’s “Excellence in Teaching” Award.