Summer 2016 Newsletter


Dear Colleagues,

Summer greetings! A few weeks ago we welcomed our 28th president, Dr. Dennis Assanis. He is very excited to be here and recognizes that there are many wonderful accomplishments taking place at UD. Dr. Assanis plans to devote a significant amount of time during his first 100 days to listening, learning, and gaining a deeper understanding of what makes UD great as well as what opportunities exist to make UD even greater.

Over the summer, the newly created Student Life assistant vice president for multicultural affairs (AVP MCA) position will be advertised and a first level screening of qualified candidates will be conducted by the search committee. At the start of the fall semester, finalists will come to campus for interviews; please stay tuned for opportunities to meet them.

The AVP MCA will have an office on the second floor of 196 South College Avenue—a historic home that has been converted into office space. The building will also provide much needed office space for Student Wellness and Health Promotion staff members Alison Brayfield, Gina Phillips and Logan Penna, as well as Director Nancy Chase, and the Division’s communications manager, Casey Impagliazzo.

My best to you for a productive and enjoyable summer.


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Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Update | Departmental Update: Center for Counseling & Student Development Career Services Center Residence Life & Housing | Branding Working Group Update | Student Spotlight: UDance | Request for Staff Recognition | Photo Tour: Student Services for Athletes | New Staff


Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Update:

Important updates related to DOL’s recent final overtime rule increasing the FLSA overtime exemption minimum salary to $47,476

– Human Resources has met with college business officers and non-academic department heads to discuss the potential impact on their units and to make recommendations for next steps.

– Alan Brangman has formed a campus-wide working group to review the impact of the rule changes on each department, develop a deeper understanding of the University-wide impact, and to determine appropriate solutions.

– Human Resources has formed an advisory team to create an awareness and training strategy for all employees.

If you have specific questions about how you may be impacted by the FLSA, please contact your supervisor or department director.


Departmental Update

Departmental Update: Center for Counseling & Student Development

You’ve Got This
Last year, we piloted a structured group called You’ve Got This which taught skills for managing stress, emotions and relationships. This year, we were able to run 8 full or almost-full sessions of the group with positive feedback from participants. Most groups are facilitated over a full semester; though students expressed interest in the shorter duration of this group, many expressed the wish that it would continue longer!

Cindy Carroll Retires
With mixed feelings, we acknowledge the retirement of Cindy Carroll, who has worked at CCSD since she was 18 years old. She set things up so that they ran smoothly, and remained patient even when one of us asked the same darn question over and over again. Like nurses who accommodate a new round of residents every year, Cindy did an amazing job mentoring new professionals. As our director says, she’s the heart and soul of the center and we’re all going to miss her! Luckily, our wonderful Elizabeth Parisan will step into the role.

Interns & Accreditation
Each year, four pre-doctoral interns join our staff. We love helping with their training, and their energy and enthusiasm keep us fresh and up-to-date. This past year, we underwent a site visit for our internship’s reaccreditation through the American Psychological Association, and received a very positive review as well as the longest possible accreditation renewal.

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Departmental Update: Career Services Center

Service Model Change
The Career Services Center will be changing their service delivery model from a major-focused to an industry-centered career community model. Students will no longer be advised according to major, but according to their career goals. The 8 career communities are:
Arts, Design, Entertainment and Media;
Government, Law, Policy and Nonprofit;
Engineering and Technology;
Helping Professions and Education;
Health and Science;
Business – Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, Sales, Management and Hospitality;
Business – Finance, Banking, Consulting, Accounting and Real Estate; and
Exploring and Deciding.

The Fall Career and Internship Fair will take place over two days this year: Wednesday, September 21, focusing on STEM fields, and Thursday, September 22, featuring Business and all other career community opportunities. Both events will take place in the Bob Carpenter Center from 3:30-6:30 p.m. Please encourage all students to attend!

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Departmental Update

Departmental Update: Residence Life & Housing

The University of Delaware hosted the National Association of College and University Residence Halls (NACURH) Annual Conference from June 24-27. The largest student-run conference in the nation, our residence halls housed over 2,000 top student leaders from around the world who attended a variety of programs presented by student leaders to learn about initiatives and skills that other universities have mastered and would like to share.

NACURH’s mission is to be the leading national organization advocating for the interests and welfare of residence hall students, while also providing opportunities for personal growth and development as leaders.

Variable Housing Rates
The Board of Trustees has approved a variable housing rate for all undergraduate students living on campus for the 2016-2017 academic year. While this is not new for upper division students, this is a change from the previous flat rate for the incoming First Year classes.

Engagement Centers
We are developing Engagement Centers that provide collaborative and coordinated programming for residential communities. Anyone interested in utilizing Harrington Commons, Christiana Commons or Kent Dining Hall (through November 2016) can email Christina King or Adam Helgeson.

Be a Blue Hen Leader for Fall New Student Move-In
We are soliciting UD staff to serve as coordinators of our Blue Hen Helper student volunteers on August 27, 2016. In this role, Blue Hen Leaders check the volunteers in and out of their shifts, assign volunteers to the buildings within their location and ensure that they are actively assisting families during their shift, and help to welcome new students and families to UD!

If you are interested in serving in this fun and important role on Move-In Day or have any questions, please email Kristin Rolnick.

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Branding Working Group Update

The Division of Student Life Branding Working Group has been tirelessly working to bring together the unique elements of our division to clearly and concisely describe our identity.

Under the fearless leadership of chairman, Adam Cantley, the group has pulled out key concepts from the newly drafted mission, vision and values for the division, as well as identified the top five unique strengths of our division.

The working group is scheduled to unveil their findings in early Fall 2016.

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Student Spotlight: UDance

UDance’s 2015-2016 co-executive directors describe how UDance has grown into the philanthropic powerhouse that it is today.

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Staff Recognition

Staff Recognition

We want to hear about your accomplishments! Submit your notice of recognition here.

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Photo Tour: Delaware Field House, home of Student Services for Athletes

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New Staff

This week, Residence Life & Housing will welcome a number of new staff members including residence hall coordinators, a student engagement coordinator and a new assistant to the executive director. Updates will be posted on their About Us page as they are available.


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