Spring 2016 Newsletter


Dear Colleagues,

Greetings and happy spring! So much has been accomplished within our Division in the past several months, and I am pleased to share some important updates with you.

The Vision, Mission, Values and Learning Outcomes working groups are concluding their work. Your feedback at the spring business meeting was invaluable—thank you! Final versions of the documents will be shared with select members of the Provost’s senior staff and college Deans in April for input.

With the recent formation of the Student Life Branding working group, we are moving into part three of the Student Life strategic planning process. The focus of this group is to determine what distinguishes the Student Life experience at UD. Members of this working group:

  • Adam Cantley, associate dean of students (chair)
  • Heather Catalino Tansley, communications specialist
  • Laura Gleason, senior business administrator
  • Casey Impagliazzo, communications specialist
  • Logan Penna, health promotion specialist
  • Niki Reagan, communications specialist


will begin their work in March. The Vision, Mission, Values and Learning Outcomes documents, as well the Engaging Students Through Social Media white paper and other campus documents will be used to inform the group’s work.

As the Branding working group concludes their work, we will pause our strategic planning process, as Dr. Assanis has asked that we pause the implementation of Delaware Will Shine until he arrives and has an opportunity to add his voice and vision to the University’s strategic plan. Our priorities through 2017 will continue to focus on building a welcoming, positive campus climate and on our initiatives that distinctly contribute to student success.

My best to each of you and my heartfelt thanks for your ongoing dedication and hard work. I hope to see you all at the Student Life end-of-year celebration on Wednesday, May 25 in the STAR Campus Atrium.


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In this Issue

We Heard You | Departmental Updates: Office of the Dean of Students  Office of Student Conduct  Center for Black Culture | Assessment Corner | Staff Recognition | New Staff Members | A Photo Tour of Laurel Hall


We Heard You!

We received a fantastic response rate for our Readership Survey and send out a sincere thank you to those who submitted feedback! We received some wonderful insight into what YOU hope to gain from this newsletter.

Here are some highlights from the data that we collected as well as changes that we plan to implement moving forward to make you want to keep reading!

Survey Results

Type of Content
54% of respondents rank Articles/Stories as the preferred newsletter content, followed next by Photos. The lowest ranking topic was Polls.

Most Desired Topics for Spring 2016
63% of respondents would look forward to reading a section on 15 Seconds Or Less: Brief Departmental Updates. The next two most desired topics include Did You Know? Trivia & Useful Information and New Staff Introductions.

Staff Involvement
32 Student Life staff members indicated that they would be interested and willing to supply content for future

Upcoming Changesproductionfrequency

Production Frequency
The newsletter will be produced quarterly beginning Summer 2016 based on the overwhelming response in favor of the change. This will allow the newsletter to maintain momentum and relevance as well as highlight a wider range of topics throughout the year while remaining succinct.

Permanent new additions will include a segment on brief updates from each department across the division, as well as a short trivia/useful information piece, pending available material. Based on your feedback, additional topics unique to each newsletter will also be presented.

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Departmental Update

Departmental Update: Office of the Dean of Students

The Office of the Dean of Students (ODOS) is excited to share the great work that Rebekah Harless-Balmer, LGBT Program Coordinator, has been doing to support and help advocate for the LGBTQ+ student community. Rebekah has been working on initiatives to increase awareness and knowledge around the LGBTQ+ community for the campus as a whole.

As a staff member, you are welcome to:

  • Attend a training session and encourage students to attend trainings on topics such as LGBTQ+ 101, Trans 101, and Ally Trainings. Get more on trainings and register via the Allies website
  • Refer students for one-on-one support for topics such as discussing the coming out process, transitioning to college life and conflict resolution. Rebekah meets with students to discuss their concerns and offers resources and referrals when appropriate.
  • Consult on any questions or concerns. Some reasons you may contact Rebekah might be: having conversations with transgender students about pronoun use, how to support LGBTQ+ students in the classroom and what resources are available for allies.
  • Suggest collaborations. She is co-sponsoring a variety of events this semester such as the POW speaker series with Student Wellness & Health Promotion, speakers Jessica Valenti and Gail Dines with the SAPE committee (Sexual Assault Prevention Education) and Office of International Student and Scholar’s coffee house. She is open and excited to partner with other offices and departments for future programming and educational events.

Rebekah welcomes all open and respectful dialogue that will create safer spaces for LGBTQ+ students, and encourages people to contact her in person via phone (302-831-6098), e-mail or the Allies website to have their questions and concerns addressed.

She hopes people continue to ask the hard questions because those are usually the most important.

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Departmental Update: Office of Student Conduct

Title IX/Sexual Misconduct
The role of the Office of Student Conduct (OSC) in handling sexual misconduct cases has changed. OSC now manages only the sanctioning and appeal portions for student cases. (The Office of Equity and Inclusion manages the investigation/determination phase first.) After much planning and conversation, OSC has established a “cohort” system in which specific groups of students, faculty and staff will regularly meet to review cases and or gain additional training in this area. The first cohort met in early March.

Program Review
OSC is diligently reviewing the recommendations of the program review, which was held last Spring. Action on the recommendations will begin to be taken this semester.

Implementation of StarRez for conduct
In October, OSC began setting the groundwork to move all conduct reporting and tracking to StarRez. After Spring Break, UDPD will begin using the new system, then Residence Life & Housing will join for Fall and others (faculty and staff cases) in January 2017. This will allow for a more seamless exchange of information, more consistent access to submitting reports and checking updates of cases and increased customer service provided by StarRez.

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Departmental Update

Departmental Update: Center for Black Culture

The CBC is turning 40!
Several events and initiatives will take place later this year to recognize the ways in which the CBC has supported inclusion, belonging and student success.

The CBC is seeking new Mentors!
Apply to be a part of the Each One Reach One Program for 2016-2017.
Read more

The CBC presents Black History Month in April!
Beyond King’s Dream: Perspectives on Economics, Race, Justice & Our Nation’s Future featuring Dr. Julianne Malveaux on Thursday, April 14 at 7 p.m., Trabant MPRs.
Read more

Save the Date
Friday, May 27 for the Adelante and Kente Stole ceremonies
Both are designed to give graduates an intimate opportunity to celebrate their achievements with their family, friends and supporters.
Official invitations forthcoming.

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Assessment Corner

What’s new in Student Life Assessment

A lot has been going on with Student Life Assessment this year thanks to your hard work and feedback! Here’s what’s new this spring…

Student Learning Outcomes
The Student Learning Outcomes Working Group wrapped up its efforts to help the Division establish new learning outcomes to challenge students to explore, reflect, learn, and commit to action. Your invaluable feedback was instrumental in shaping the outcomes to reflect not only the work we do, but also the work we aspire to do in order to fully actualize our Division’s values. Planning will be underway this summer to begin the assessment process for these outcomes. Stay tuned!

NEW Assessment Project Tracking Form
Do you have trouble remembering where you saved the PDF version of the Assessment Project Proposal Form?
Are you unsure of what the Assessment Project Proposal Form is or when to complete it?

If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, keep calm and use the new and improved Assessment Project Tracking Form!

This online form replaces the old PDF form, effective April 1, 2016. All assessment projects will need to be tracked using the form so that as a Division we can accurately capture all of the assessment activities that are happening.

For more information about using the form, review the Assessment Project Tracking Form Tutorial presentation (located on Sakai) or attend one of the below info sessions (no RSVP required):

  • Tuesday, March 29: 10:00-11:00am in 105 Hullihen
  • Thursday, March 31: 2:00-3:00pm in 105 Hullihen
  • Monday, April 4: 11:00am-12:00pm in 112 Hullihen

View the Assessment Project Tracking Form.

Project CEO
This spring, Student Life will be participating in Project CEO (Co-Curricular Experience Outcomes), a national study about co-curricular experiences.

The purpose of this study is to determine to what extent students believe they are gaining the 10 skills identified as most desirable by employers in new college graduates by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE):

  • Work in teams
  • Communicate verbally
  • Make decisions
  • Solve problems
  • Obtain and process information
  • Plan, organize, and prioritize work
  • Analyze quantitative data
  • Develop knowledge related to one’s future career
  • Develop proficiency with computer software programs
  • Create and/or edit written reports
  • Influence, achieve, buy in from, or sell to others

The study will further investigate whether students believe they are gaining these skills from their involvement in co-curricular activities, their classes (other than internships and practica), internships/practica, student employment on campus or employment off campus.

This is the third year of administering this study, and within this timeframe Project CEO has gained national recognition and become a popular assessment instrument.

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Staff Recognition

Staff Recognition

Rebecca Panichelli
Student Health Center

Janet Diggs Award

The Janet Diggs Award is presented for service to a college or university. Janet Diggs was known by her colleagues at Howard as an outstanding leader and mentor, whose efforts were directed toward the encouragement and achievement of college health values and goals. This award is given to recognize outstanding performance by members of a campus community who share Janet’s values.

Val Faure, Jeremy Cohen, Mark Mason
Center for Counseling and Student Development

Presented “Lavender Chats: A flexible group approach to serving today’s LGBTQ+ college students.” at the American Group Psychotherapy Conference.

Kimberly Zahn
Center for Counseling and Student Development

Publication in Journal of Genetic Counseling

Zahm, K.W., McCarthy Veach, P., Martyr, M.A., & LeRoy, B.S. (2015). From novice to seasoned practitioner: A Qualitative investigation of genetic counselor professional development. Journal of Genetic Counseling. Advance online publication. doi: http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10897-015-9900-2/fulltext.html

Charles Beale
Center for Counseling and Student Development

President of the International Association of Counseling Services, Inc., (IACS). IACS is the accreditation association for university and college counseling services in the United States and internationally. Received an award from IACS for Distinguished Service to the organization.

Joyce Henderson
Career Services Center

As President of the Board of Directors at Gateway Lab School, Joyce mobilized parents, teachers, administrators and members of the community to participate in a Board of Education public hearing to save the first public charter school that serves children with learning disabilities from closing its doors.

Cindy Holland
Career Services Center

Elected as Treasurer for the American Assn. for Employment in Education (AAEE) for the 2016-2018 term. Will serve as an officer on the Executive Board; this national professional association consists of college/university teacher education and K-12 recruitment professionals.

Rebekah Harless-Balmer
LGBT Program Coordinator
Office of the Dean of Students

Elected onto the executive board as the Heart-to-Heart chapter liaison
Phi Mu Fraternity, Wilmington Alumnae Chapter

The Heart-to-Heart chapter liaison of the Wilmington Alumnae chapter is an elected position on the executive board which works with collegiate members of Phi Mu Fraternity at West Chester University of Pennsylvania to network with alumnae in our chapter and to support, encourage and emphasize Phi Mu is not only for four years, but for forever; and achieving Phi Mu’s ideal, Noble Womanhood is a lifelong process.

Karen DeMonte
Associate Director, Systems & Occupancy Management
Residence Life & Housing

Best Practice Presentation at  2015 StarRez Global User Conference, July 2015

Data Subscriptions: Fast Track to Automation. The feedback on Karen’s session  was outstanding; she has been asked to repeat the session again this year as a Showcase Presentation during the 2016 Global Users Conference.

StarRez Advisory Board (SABO), Member
StarRez, Inc., Denver, CO.

SABO is a ten member board comprised of customer representatives from a range of national and international institutions who meet biannually with the senior leadership of StarRez to discuss customer-centric topics and provide direct feedback to StarRez.

Wesley Foundation Campus Ministry at the University of Delaware,  Board of Directors Chair
Incorporated in the State of Delaware and operates under the auspices of the Peninsula-Delaware Conference of the United Methodist Church

Responsible for directing the Board of Directors, supporting and reviewing the Executive Director position, controlling and managing the affairs, funds, and property of the Foundation, and advocating for the students.

Kathleen Kerr
Executive Director
Residence Life & Housing

Completed term as American College Personnel Association (ACPA) Past President in March 2015

Served as American College Personnel Association (ACPA) 2016 Convention Strategic Marketing Team Chair, April 2015-March 2016

Presented “Secrets of Success: Women Leaders on Their Own Terms” with a Panel of national women leaders at the 2015 American College Personnel Association (ACPA) National Convention in Tampa

Christina King
Assistant Director for Student Engagement and Assessment
Residence Life & Housing

American College Personnel Association (ACPA) Commission for Housing and Residence Life Outstanding Experienced Professional (5-9 years)

Award recognizes contributions in the recipients department and university.

American College Personnel Association (ACPA) Commission for Housing and Residence Life Outstanding Innovation (for RA Internship and Leadership Exploration Program)

Kyle Fassett
Residence Hall Coordinator
Residence Life & Housing

ACPA’s Commission of Career Services’ Member-At-Large Award

Award given to those who have exemplified commitment to mentoring graduate and new professionals in the organization. (Mar. 2015)

Leah Young
Residence Hall Coordinator
Residence Life & Housing

Delaware State Liaison for NASPA Region II African American Knowledge Community

Serves as the liaison between NASPA and African American students and professionals within Region II

Dennis McBrearty
Events Technician III
University Student Centers

Served as board member, executive council member, and chief financial officer of the Delaware Academy of Science for fiscal year 2015.

Cara White
Program Coordinator
University Student Centers

For the National Association of Campus Activities (NACA), was published in the Campus Activities Programming Magazine regarding how to keep students engaged through social media, and presented at NACA’s National Conference on the Relationship between Students and Advisors.

For the Association of College Unions International (ACUI), was elected co-leader of the Community of Practice for Late Night Programs, highlighting best practices for Late Night Program models.

Presented at the Advisor Conference at Duke University on how to build a professional development series for a student organization.

Casey Impagliazzo
Communications Specialist
University Student Centers

Served as Marketing & Communications Chair of the Association of College Unions International (ACUI) Region VII 2015 conference in Philadelphia

Selected to serve as Community Service Chair of ACUI’s international conference planning team for Philadelphia 2017

Co-presented the Webinar “Designing Presentations that Pop: Showing What You Tell in Style” for ACUI (August 2015)

Co-presented “Plan Long and Prosper: Conquering Collegiate Link” at the ACUI Region VII Conference (November 2015)

Amne Harrington
Program Coordinator
University Student Centers

Served as Essentials Editorial Board Member, Association of Fraternity and Sorority Advisors (AFA)

Selected to serve as an editorial board member for AFA’s monthly e-publication

Vincent Jackson
Manager, Facility & Event Operations
University Student Centers

Association of College Unions International (ACUI)’s Joseph H. Benedict Award

The Joseph H. Benedict Outstanding Service Award recognizes significant leadership, volunteer service and commitment to Region VII and the Association for over five or more years, reflecting Mr. Benedict’s passion for the Association as well as the mission and goals of ACUI.

Co-presented “Parenthood & Student Affairs: When 2 Worlds Collide” at ACUI Region VII Conference in Philadelphia and annual ACUI Conference in New Orleans, as part of a panel of current student affairs professionals who take an honest and humorous approach to the collision that happens when you are a parent and a student affairs professional.

Susan Luchey
Associate Director
University Student Centers

Served as Member of Board of Directors for the Association of Leadership Educators

Served as Member of the Board of Directors and Faculty for LEAD365, National Student Leadership Conference

Served as External Reviewer for Leadership Programs at Miami University

Presented three programs at LEAD365: “So Many theories, So Little Time” focusing on program development; “Managing Change” focusing on organizational transition; “Learning From Leading” focusing on evaluating student leader performance

Co-presented “When the Rubber Hits the Road” at the Association of Leadership Educators with Dr. Steve Mortenson and Matthew Creasy, based on the development of Tier 2 for UD’s Blue Hen Leadership Program and the incorporation of depth psychology into curriculum.

Matthew Creasy
Program Coordinator
University Student Centers

Presented “Great Ideas Share and Teach Forum” at the International Leadership Association Conference in Barcelona, Spain. (October 2015)

Named as Student Life Representative on UD’s Commission for Community Engagement (December 2015)

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Welcome New Staff!

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Photo Tour: Laurel Hall, home of Student Health Services

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