Division of Student Life Newsletter, Fall 2016

Brought to you by Tabitha Groh, Casey Impagliazzo, Nicole Long, Logan Penna, Kristin Rolnick and Lisa Sydney

From the desk of Dawn Thompson

“Diversity really means becoming complete as human beings — all of us. We learn from each other. If you’re missing on that stage, we learn less.”
– Juan Felipe Herrera

This quote comes to mind as I reflect on the fall business meeting, especially the conversations about how we support and contribute to the UD student experience. It was wonderful to hear your passionate discussions that day, and to see so many of you at the MPR the following evening when the Center for Black Culture brought Juan Felipe Herrera to speak. The fall semester is upon us, and with it opportunities to turn our bold new ideas into meaningful experiences for all UD students. Our collective commitment to helping students reach their highest potential is part of what makes the University of Delaware such an outstanding destination for higher education. Our individual dedication to these efforts and to helping each other succeed is likewise invaluable.

We are here to help students be successful, and we can do so only with a spirit of collaboration among ourselves, the university community and external partners. Whatever your specific role within the Division of Student Life, YOU contribute to the student experience. Your work is valuable and does make a difference. This semester, I hope that you’ll ask questions, engage others in conversation, and think critically about our efforts to provide unparalleled opportunities for students to become thriving Blue Hens. I hope that you’ll take advantage of opportunities to articulate what your department and others are doing to inspire engaged citizenship, inclusive leadership and lifelong learning.

Every interaction that a student has with us is an opportunity to contribute to their success. I look forward to working with all of you to bring our new mission, vision, values and learning outcomes to life. I
am honored to be a member of the Division of Student Life and proud of all we are doing to enhance #lifeatUD. Go Blue Hens!

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UD Helpline 24/7/365

Live counseling assistance is now available for students over the phone through UD Helpline 24/7/365. Our Center for Counseling and Student Development, Student Wellness and Health Promotion, Student Health Services and the Office of the Dean of Students collaborated to create this new service, which debuted on Saturday, August 27 and has since answered more than 70 calls for help.

Students can use UD Helpline 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by calling the number 302-831-1001 to access mental health professionals. Counselors answer the phone in English, but additional languages are available upon request. Students can seek assistance when feeling distressed or overwhelmed, as well as receive information about related campus resources and services.

Additionally, any member of the UD community seeking help from Sexual Offense Support (S.O.S.) advocates can use the UD Helpline for support and advocacy related to sexual assault, dating/domestic violence and stalking. All S.O.S. services are confidential and anonymous.

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Get to know CCSD

with #reslifeNiki

Residence Life and Housing’s Bright Lights video series highlights programs and services for UD students. Their first episode provided a short interview with staff from our very own Center for Counseling and Student Development.

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Departmental Update: New Student Orientation

NSO 2016 Fast Facts
Each summer, the Office of New Student Orientation welcomes our newest Blue Hens and their families to campus, and this year, we oriented approximately 3,900 incoming first-year and transfer students as well as
157 new international students over the course of 22 one-day sessions. In addition, we met over 5,000 family members and guests. Thank you to everyone across the Division of Student Life who contributed to the success of NSO 2016!

Summit by the Sea
As part of our extended orientation offerings, NSO piloted a new outdoor orientation program for incoming transfer students called “Summit by the Sea.” Nine transfer students participated in a beach camping trip led by our NODA Intern, Rachel Rivera, and our two Summit Coordinators, Celia Binder and Austin Hanby. Over the course of 3 days, students enjoyed kayaking, beach games, and fireside chats in Lewes, DE. We look forward to continuing to grow this opportunity for transfer students in 2017.

Delaware in D.C. Program
Now in its second year, NSO has again partnered with Enrollment Management to direct the Delaware in D.C. program. This fall, 42 first year students began their UD experience at American University, participating in the Washington Mentorship Program. They will spend this semester taking a full course load, including two
UD-taught courses, as well as completing an internship in the greater Washington, D.C. area before matriculating to UD in spring 2017.

New Staff
In July, NSO welcomed Christian Williams to our staff as the Program Coordinator for Extended Orientation and Transition Programs. Christian recently completed his Master of Science in Higher Education (concentration in Student Affairs) at Florida State University in May 2016, and he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communication at Florida International University in 2012. In his role, Christian oversees the Delaware in D.C. Program; Summit, our outdoor orientation program; and programming for special populations. We hope you’ll stop by 231 Trabant to meet Christian!

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Departmental Update

Office of Student Conduct

The Office of Student Conduct prioritizes student safety by offering amnesty for students who seek help for themselves or a friend due to the consumption of alcohol or drugs. Students who perceive a safety risk to themselves or others are encouraged to seek help as soon as possible; if they do so for a friend, they are encouraged to remain with them to provide information to first responders. They must comply with UD staff and police to avoid additional charges. Though local laws may apply in some cases, students who seek help can later apply for amnesty from conduct violations related to drug or alcohol consumption. More information can be found at www.udel.edu/amnesty.

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Departmental Update: Student Wellness and Health Promotion

New Website, Mission
Over the summer, Student Wellness and Health Promotion launched an updated website at www.udel.edu/studentwellness. The website features an events calendar, a spotlight video from Residence Life and Housing’s Bright Lights series, downloadable brochures and ways for students to get involved with leaderships opportunities through the office.

Additionally, staff met to revise the mission statement as well as develop a new strategic plan for the office. Working with two facilitators, the staff reviewed assessment data and identified organizational priorities. After collaborating to develop a rough draft, the staff utilized input from campus partners to create a new mission statement for the office: Student Wellness and Health Promotion creates a foundation for lifelong wellbeing by providing Blue Hens with the wellness tools to make healthy choices that contribute to a safer UD.

Throughout this year, Student Wellness and Health Promotion will continue to meet regularly and hone the strategic plan for the office by identifying two highly important goals with related objectives and outline relevant activities to achieve these goals.

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Staff Recognition

Congratulations to the inaugural recipients of the Student Life Outstanding Service awards: Cindy Carroll, Cara White, Christina King, Meaghan Davidson and Shirley Becker.

We want to hear about your accomplishments! Submit your notice of recognition here.

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Introducing CSC’s Career Communities

Career Services Center recently changed the way that services are provided to students. Get to know their new career communities in this short clip.

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Photo Tour

196 South College Avenue

This new Student Life space houses Student Wellness and Health Promotion’s Alison Brayfield, Logan Penna and Nancy Chase; the Division of Student Life Communications Manager, Casey Impagliazzo; and the Assistant Vice President for Student Life Diversity and Inclusion.

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New Staff

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