Division of Student Life Newsletter, Summer 2017

Brought to you by Tabitha Groh, Casey Impagliazzo, Nicole Long, Logan Penna, Linda Stacy and Lisa Sydney

From the desk of Dawn Thompson

Dear Colleagues,

I am writing to share with you that I will be leaving the University of Delaware in mid-September. After much reflection, Maura, my wife, and I have made the decision to follow our dream to retire and return to New England to be closer to family and friends and live in the place we call home. It has been my greatest professional honor to serve as the AVP & Dean of Students and as the VP for Student Life over the last nine years. I am proud of what we have accomplished together and believe that the Division of Student Life has tremendous impact on the success of our students. Thank you for your partnership, confidence in me, and hard work that has made the Division a strong and effective unit on campus.

As much as I look forward to pursuing volunteer work interests, going to Red Sox games, hiking, and joining a masters swim team, I will truly miss working with you and the students. It has been an amazing opportunity and I am grateful that I have had the chance to be a part of this great University.

Dawn Thompson


Dawn Thompson

Poll: How are you using your Student Life Reference Guide?

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Reference Guide Poll

Last fall at the business meeting, all staff received a Student Life Reference Guide that listed contact information and talking points for every Student Life department. As we approach its one-year anniversary, we're curious: how are you using your Guide?

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Student Life stories that you can't miss!

We know you've been busy. Here's a round-up of our biggest stories from this past year.
By Logan Penna


Amnesty policy expands
Amnesty protocol recently expanded from alcohol use to alcohol and drug use. Your help may be sought when a student has consumed alcohol or drugs, so read up on the protocol followed by our Office of Student Conduct and other units and in partnership with local authorities.


CBC presents Danny Glover
Actor, activist and UNICEF ambassador Danny Glover visited campus in February for the Center for Black Culture’s annual Black History Month extravaganza. The CBC programs both for the observance of BHM and Latino Heritage Month, which will kick off on September 15.


Bring in the bystanders
Student Wellness and Health Promotion is seeking staff willing to be trained as facilitators for a new interactive program that helps students learn their role in ending sexual misconduct, and trains them in becoming courageous bystanders.


Lavender Graduation

Our LGBT Program coordinator planned the University of Delaware’s inaugural Lavender Graduation ceremony for graduating LGBTQ+ seniors on May 6. The celebration, the first of its kind at UD, was covered extensively in local and national media as part of a growing trend to help students from all walks of life feel a sense of belonging at their school and celebrate their unique paths to graduation.


Career Treks
Workplace site visits called Career Treks were offered this spring through our Career Services Center. Learn what 115 students had to say about their experiences at HBO Studios, MongoDB, HunterPR, NPR, Mercury LLC, Ross Stores, Castlewood Apparel, PVH, Ralph Lauren, the Smithsonian and the FDA.

Summer Safety Tips with Student Health Services

See what Tim and Linda have to say about staying healthy in this heat!
By Linda Stacy and Casey Impagliazzo

Supporting Student Success

The STAMP: Student Affairs Mentoring Program
By Lisa Sydney


This past year, undergraduate students interested in a career in the field of Student Affairs were matched with mentors from Student Life at UD.

A fall panel about student affairs took place as well as a kick-off STAMP event where mentors and mentees were able to meet and network.

Students and their mentors met throughout the year. As part of students’ experience in the program, participants completed the STAMP Passport – a tool to learn more about careers in higher education outside of what they may have seen so far in their time as a student. Students were given a paper passport where they needed to complete: five Student Life informational interviews, take three photos at events or activities they attend during Spring 2017 semester, and complete one informational interview visit to an office outside of the division of Student Life. A monthly newsletter was also developed for the mentees on relevant topics as well as a separate one for the mentors.

Through their mentor, students reported learning more about individual careers and general aspects of student affairs work. They were able to connect with professionals in their areas of interests, and shadow Student Life staff to experience a day in their careers.

More information for staff interested in becoming STAMP mentors will be available soon. STAMP’s committee is chaired by Matthew Creasy and includes Nigel Brown, Sarah Georger, Amne Harrington, Tim Sumereau, and Lisa Sydney.

Enhancing Inclusive Excellence

Community of Unity: Many Sides of a People
By Nicole Long


Encourage your student employees and leaders to have fun while learning at Community of Unity: Many Sides of a People on Tuesday, August 22 from 4-6 p.m. in Perkins Student Center Gallery. International leadership consultant Marlon Smith will facilitate this powerful session aimed at helping students better understand who they really are, beyond their ethnicity, religion, gender, college major, or other singular characteristics. This entertaining and interactive program will allow students to explore their identity as well as the larger topic of diversity and inclusion at UD and beyond. Interested students are asked to RSVP online.

Student Life Learning Outcomes Supported:

Personal Wellness

Self-Discovery and Development

Inclusivity and Action

Helping Each Newcomer Succeed (H.E.N.S.)

Student Services for Athletes' mentoring program aims for success with student-athletes.
By Benjamin Oser


The H.E.N.S. (Helping Each Newcomer Succeed) Peer Mentoring Program is designed to aid first-year student-athletes with their transition into the University of Delaware. Specially selected and trained upperclassmen serve as mentors to first-year student-athletes in both individual and group settings. Mentees benefit from the experience of the upperclassmen as they navigate challenges that new student-athletes commonly face during their transition. In addition, mentors can provide a wealth of resources and information regarding students’ first couple weeks here, and usually have a number of anecdotes to share.


SSA’s 35 mentors will each have roughly four to five mentees, which they will assist over the course of this summer and fall. Mentors also have the opportunity to provide programming for their mentees in group settings to allow for inter-sport networking and time away from the stresses of practice and competition.


Student Services for Athletes welcomes new student-athletes at a kick-off event the day of the Twilight Induction Ceremony. Attendees meet and interact with SSA staff, and participate in team builders, the Definition of a Blue Hen reveal, a question and answer activity, and a family-style BBQ. At the conclusion of the program, SSA escorts their new students to the Twilight Induction Ceremony.





New Staff

Photo Tour

Residence Life & Housing
By Tabitha Groh

Residence Life and Housing has moved some things around inside their office suites at Gilbert Hall, located on the east edge of campus facing Redding Hall and the Harrington Turf beyond. Take a virtual tour of their new setup!


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