Sleep and Circadian Health Research Program

Collaborative Measurement and Evaluation Services

We can work with investigators who wish to add sleep and circadian health assessments to their human research subjects’ protocols or grant applications. Examples of assessments and technical expertise and services we can support includes (but is not limited to):

  • Conceptualization and operationalization of appropriate sleep and/or circadian health assessments based on research study context (i.e., self-report versus objective estimation)
  • Technical support for accelerometry assessment of sleep, sedentary, and physical activity behaviors that includes data processing and interpretation
  • Assessment of diurnal light exposure
  • Assessment of endogenous circadian phase using salivary Dim Light Melatonin Onset
  • Real time assessment of dietary intake and processing of dietary data using NutritionData System for Research (NDSR)
  • Training and support to investigators to administer sleep and circadian health assessments
  • Template text for grant applications
  • Standard operating procedure template text for all sleep and circadian health assessments to assist with study implementation

Please direct all inquiries to