Cell Engineering via Mechanotransduction Processes

Micropatterns that regulate cell shape or spreading have provided much insight into tension-mediated control over cell fate. All of the patterns implemented to date have been derived from simple shapes (circles, squares, triangles, etc.). Although these simple patterns allow for control over cellular tension they do not provide a means to recapitulate the cellular architecture or tension state of a specific cell of interest (COI). To address this limitation we have developed Image Guided Laser Scanning Lithography to fabricate cell-derived, biomimetic patterns. Two pattern configurations are derived from each COI: one consists of a continuous pattern derived from a COI’s morphology and the other a discontinuous configuration composed of many subcellular-sized patterns derived from an image of a COI’s adhesions. Cells cultured on both pattern configurations display an architecture (morphology, adhesive state, cytoskeletal organization, and nuclear properties) that quantitatively recapitulates the COIs that defined the patterns. Slight modifications to pattern design allows for suppression of user-chosen, specific actin stress fibers and modulation of adhesion site dynamics. This approach to patterning provides a strategy to decouple the influences of cytoskeletal structure, adhesion dynamics, and intracellular tension on mechanotransduction processes and potentially the ability to recapitulate the adhesion site signaling state and phenotype of user-chosen COIs.

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