K-12 Consulting

Avon Grove School District, West Grove, Pennsylvania

Since 2000, Avon Grove School District has utilized an Instructional Technology Lead Teacher model to support technology in each school. I have served as facilitator of the group convening meetings, providing just-in-time support via an active listserv and mentoring individual teachers.
2000 – 2009
Brandywine School District, Wilmington, Delaware

This 2-year project used the Instructional Technology Lead Teacher Model to help remove the barriers keeping classroom teachers from more fully integrating technology across the curriculum.
2000 – 2002
Cape Henlopen School District, Lewes, Delaware

Cape Henlopen teachers and staff developed an instructional technology action plan to help teachers lead students in mastering technology skills and integrating them throughout the curriculum.
Christina School District, Newark, Delaware

Over a 6 month stretch, several teachers developed and field-tested their own WebQuests. This experience was then used to develop training materials to lead others in the district in developing and using WebQuests.
2001 – 2002
College School, University of Delaware

The College School Technology Assault is conducted on many levels, including weekly technology training sessions, an active listserv, individual teacher support, student and public websites, and regular classroom visits.
1999 – 2009
Colonial School District, New Castle, Delaware

The ongoing Colonial School District E2T2 Project aims to enable teachers to lead students in utilizing 21st Century Skills throughout their school experience. Over the years the project has focused on strengthening student’s reading and writing skills, development of lesson plans incorporating specific technology tools, improvement of teacher technology skills, development of a cadre of Instructional Technology Lead Teachers, and a focus on integrating technology across the curriculum. All of this work is supported by the University of Delaware Office of Educational Technology.
2002 – 2009
Lake Forest School District, Felton, Delaware

In 2000, Lake Forest adopted the model used earlier by Milford School District to assess and reward teachers for improved technology skills. In subsequent years, planning meetings and teacher training sessions have been used to extend the integration of technology across the curriculum.
2000 – 2005
Lehigh Valley Academy, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Lehigh Valley Academy embarked on an evaluation and revamping of their approach to supporting technology across the growing population of the charter school. Following an the initial analysis, LVA engaged a facilitated strategic planning process.
Milford School District, Milford, Delaware

In the first phase of this project, Milford School District revised the goals and policies surrounding educational technology. In the second phase, the school district developed and utilized a series of assessments and rewards to guide teachers to greater technology skills and a deeper understanding of the kinds of projects that students could be developing utilizing technology.
1998 – 2000
New Castle County Vocational Technical School District, Delaware

After conducting an instructional technology audit across all schools, all curriculum areas and all technical areas, worked with the district to evaluate staffing and purchasing decisions, teacher training, and curriculum planning.
2007 – 2009
Seaford School District, Seaford, Delaware

The UD Office of Educational Technology has assisted Seaford School District in pursuit of its E2T2 project goals. After reviewing a series of lessons, OET facilitated districtwide access by making them accessible via a search mechanism on the web.
2003 – 2006

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