MOOC Review: Internet History, Technology, and Security

Course: Internet History, Technology, and Security

This course was from the University of Michigan with Dr. Chuck Severance as the instructor and hosted by Coursera. It ran from July 23, 2012 to September 25, 2012. I didn’t join until early September so was ineligible for the points on most of the quizzes.

This course was really interesting but more like a PBS show. It consisted mainly of a series of interviews that Chuck Severance had done over the years, which he then strung together to make it into a history. While that is all true, it doesn’t convey Dr. Severance’ contribution to the whole. Clearly, his perspective was essential and his being present at the conversation at the actual points in history made his current insights more valuable.

The work consisted of multiple choice quizzes and 1 short essays which was peer-evaluated. Successful completion would earn you a certificate from the instructor. If you wanted one, you could also send the certificate in with return postage and Dr. Severance would sign it.

Summary: Very interesting material. Well-presented. Little rigor that might be expected of a college course.

Recommendation: Take it instead of watching TV for awhile.


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  1. Hi Pat,

    Thanks for the insight. When you say: “Little rigor that might be expected of a college course,” would you apply this to your intro to database MOOC you took before too? Do you get a sense that most MOOCs are watered down version of courses offered on campus?


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