Co-Sponsorship Guideline

The StUDent Government Association (SGA) is an organization committed to: The representation of the entire undergraduate student body, promotion of collaborations between Registered Student Organizations (RSOs), presentation of events and forums that encourage student feedback and input, advocacy of proactive campus change and betterment of student life, and outreach to the overall UD community.

SGA is committed to reviewing an unlimited number of supplemental funding requests from RSOs or Greek Chapters in an academic year. Accordingly, SGA has composed the following Supplemental Fund Guidelines to expedite the process and to clarify SGA’s purpose in supplementing funds to RSOs and/or Greek Chapters.

The SGA External Branch processes applications and administers supplemental funding. All requests will be submitted via the Google Form linked below and a decision will be made within two weeks during the fall and spring semesters. Any requests made during winter session will not be reviewed until the start of the Spring Semester. All requests are encouraged but the approval and the amount are up to the discretion of the Executive Cabinet.

    Funded vs. Non-Funded Event Types

    Religious Event:

    The University of Delaware SGA is unable to provide monetary support or proceed with co-sponsorship for events that are characterized as worship services. Worship services are defined as the organized worship of a deity, divine power, or supernatural power, whether or not such activity is consistent with the precepts of an organized religion or denomination

    Political Event:

    Whereas the University of Delaware is not affiliated with any particular political party, the SGA is unable to co-sponsor events that demonstrate a political partisan affiliation. However, the Supplemental Board may consider events that represent all political parties fairly.

    Educational Event:

    SGA supports the educational initiatives and priorities of University of Delaware students, faculty, and administration.

    Community Service:

    SGA supports community service events and projects for the betterment of the University community, Newark community, and the world at large. All monetary co-sponsorships must go directly to covering costs for the event or project and not to the beneficiary(s).

    Social Event:

    SGA will not contribute funds to any event that contains or distributes alcohol.

    University Forums:

    One of SGA’s primary purposes is to provide opportunities for students to express their concerns. We support forums that are non-biased and open to all points of view.


    Basic Requirements that must be met:

    1. Any organization that wishes to receive Supplemental Funds from SGA must be a Registered Student Organization, a Greek Chapter, or a residence hall governing body of the University of Delaware.
    2. The event must be congruent with the organization’s mission.
    3. The event must uphold the integrity of SGA’s mission

    Items of Priority for Event Supplemental Funds:

    • Events consistent with the SGA mission and goals
    • Events with broad-based campus appeal
    • Events fostering collaborative efforts between several stakeholders, particularly co-sponsored events between several organization and/or departments within the University of Delaware
    • Events that prioritize education about issues and topics that impact the UD student body
    • Events that bolster school spirit, build a sense of community, and establish tradition at UD