This year’s themes

Makerspaces for active learning

Creation, iteration, and problem-solving in makerspaces. Makerspaces have made a splash in the academic world and through this theme you will learn how to incorporate creation technology into your course. This theme will help you capitalize on teaching opportunities throughout the design process–from conception to the completed project.  View session info for makerspaces for active learning.

Information literacy

The information literacy theme will highlight the evolving nature of information literacy and how it can be supported in the classroom. Join a community of faculty and information professionals who are passionate about helping students successfully negotiate collaborative, dynamic online information environments as consumers and active creators of information, and learn about innovative assignments, tools, and collaborations. Dr. Thomas P. Mackey, Vice Provost for Academic Programs at SUNY Empire State College will provide a keynote on June 1.  View session info for information literacy.

Computational reasoning

SFI 2016 will address the new Gen Ed objective of computational reasoning (CR). Find our what CR is and how you can infuse it into a course that doesn’t have programming. Dr. Jim Kurose, Assistant Director of the National Science Foundation for the Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE), will be our keynote speaker on June 2.  View session info for computational reasoning.

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