This morning is an opportunity to get introduced to many of this institute’s themes while the afternoon offers workshops to explore three of those themes in more depth.

The morning program will start with Nancy Targett reflecting on 32 years at UD, from her time in the classroom to her current role as acting president. We’ll hear two perspectives on maker thinking, one from Georgia Guthrie of The Hacktory and another from Amy Hurst, University of Maryland Baltimore County. Participants can follow this up with a maker workshop in the afternoon. A lightning round will serve as an introduction to an afternoon workshop on diversity, a lunchtime table from Information Technologies, and the general education goals that encompass much of SFI 2016. We’ll continue with a presentation on the new Student Engagement Initiative, which will serve to set up an afternoon workshop on scholarly community engagement. The morning will wrap up with a talk on mindfulness and teaching.

The afternoon offers three activity-based workshops to delve deeper into topics from the morning: making, diversity, and engagement.

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