Date: Wednesday, June 1
Time: 1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m., second presentation at this time
Location: 104 Gore Hall 

The goal of this project is to incorporate more active learning and “hands-on” applications into the undergraduate experience.  This is a difficult task especially in relatively large classes. This session will briefly chronicle an ongoing project aimed at incorporating “hands-on” laboratory experiences into pre-existing traditional lecture-based courses.  In this case, specific examples relate to interactive brain labs in psychology and neuroscience courses, but a similar template could be adopted for any field.  Live demonstrations and student feedback will be provided. Logistical considerations associated with funding, resources, class size, and student engagement will also be discussed.



Eric Roth

Eric Roth    
Assistant Professor, Psychological & Brain Sciences

Eric teaches several psychology and neuroscience courses.  He is also director of the neuroscience major and neuroscience 4+1 master’s program. From rats to mice to reptiles, his research focuses on many aspects of animal behavior.  More specifically, he often take multidisciplinary approaches to investigating the ecological, biological, neurobiological, cognitive, and evolutionary factors driving spatial behavior and social interactions.

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