Date: Thursday, June 2
Time: 10:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m., with a break for lunch
Location: based on your team selection, choose from the list below.

Maker activity map for June 2

Activity map for June 2 (click for Google Map)

Following up on yesterday’s tour of maker facilities, participants will build using one of four activities.

Laser cutting. Design Studio (D Studio), 109 Spencer Lab (Dustyn Roberts, Mechanical Engineering)

3D printing. BluePrint 3D Studio, Smith Hall (Jevonia Harris & Pavani Vemuri, IT Academic Technology Services)

Arduino sensors & motors. “The Pit”, 134 Spencer Lab. (Michael O’Neal, Geological Sciences and Ashley Pigford, Art & Design)

Arduino IDE Software

FTDI Drivers

Spark Fun Inventor’s Kit

Build a push-button controller, a variation of the “wireless music veto button”. Faculty will build a multi-purpose “action button” that can map to a key or series of keystrokes/macros in a laptop or phone. Some faculty may choose to create a video recording button, or PowerPoint slide changer, or something else. Faculty Commons, 116 Pearson Hall (Bryan Givens and Foster Schucker, Barrel of Makers)


Jevonia Harris    
Digital Media Specialist, IT Academic Technology Services

Brian Givens    
, Barrel of Makers, Inc.

Find out more about this organization at the Barrel of Makers web site.

Michael O’Neal

Michael O’Neal    
Associate Professor, Geological Sciences

Michael O’Neal’s research centers on finding unique ways to observe and characterize human-induced changes to the Earth’s surface, ranging in cause from deforestation to climate change.  He employs technology such as 3D laser scanners to assess landscapes, drone-mounted cameras to collect custom aerial imagery, and environmental sensors to monitor attributes such as temperature, humidity, moisture, and others. Because commercially available technology rarely addresses the specific needs of his projects or field sites, his research group constantly adapts and modifies off-the-shelf equipment to suit their evolving field experiences and research needs.

Ashley Pigford

Ashley Pigford    
Associate Professor, Art & Design

Ashley John Pigford, Associate Professor of Graphic and Interaction Design at the University of Delaware, applies design thinking to interrogate meaningful relationships between technology, materials and human experience. He received his MFA in Graphic Design from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2006 and his BS in Visual Communications from the University of Delaware in 1996. From 1996-2003 He had a successful career as co-founder and Creative Director of a design company in Los Angeles, CA. His notable design work includes motion graphics for Firefly TV series and DMX’s “Who We Be” music video, plus packaging design for Blink 182’s major label debut “Dude Ranch”. He has received research grants from the Center for Creativity, Craft and Design, the University of Delaware and the Creative Arts Council at Brown University, and a State of Delaware Established Artist Fellowship.

Dustyn Roberts

Dustyn Roberts    
Assistant Professor, Instruction, Mechanical Engineering

Dustyn is a Philadelphia-based engineer and Assistant Professor of Instruction at the University of Delaware, where she teaches classes focused on interdisciplinary design and robotics. Dustyn holds a BS in Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, an MS in Biomechanics & Movement Science from the University of Delaware, and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from New York University.

Foster Schucker    
, Barrel of Makers, Inc.

Find out more about this organization at the Barrel of Makers web site.

Pavani Vemuri    
Graduate Assistant, IT Academic Technology Services

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