Date: Monday, June 1
Time: 3:00 – 4:00 p.m.
Location: Gore Hall Rotunda

Featuring ice cream by UDairy Creamery.

Carley Becker, English major, University of Delaware

Carley Becker is a junior English major who works as a Peer Tutor at the University of Delaware’s Writing Center, writing creatively in the hopes of becoming a full-time author and publisher. This summer she is already working as an editor in Baltimore. Carley was the Project Manager for the ENGL 468 website build.

Madeline Cooper, University of Delaware

Using iBook to Explore a Parchment Manuscript

Zach Davis, actor and writer, University of Delaware

Zach Davis has studied and performed Shakespeare for ten years. At UD, Zach created and hosts Our Brief Hour, a radio show dedicated to Shakespearean poetry and prose. You can find a recording of each show, along with his other voice projects, on YouTube. He apprenticed with the Delaware Shakespeare Festival and would be thrilled to make that his life’s work. He also works as an actor and facilitator in UD’s Healthcare Theater program, training performers to portray a wide variety of patients in clinical simulations with student nurses. Zach was one of the General Editors for the ENGL 468 website build.

Carrie  Edinger, digital artist

The Internet-based collection project contributes to the expanding cultural dialog of the use of digital media within contemporary art. The investigation and implementation of interdisciplinary methods are used to maintain and archive an ephemeral collection. The purpose for the Internet-based collection project is to obtain a broader knowledge of Western Cultural objects. The concept for the collection project regards objects beyond a fixed idea of how they are exhibited in traditional museum collections. The collections are formed and defined by material culture methods, along with social and culturally based research.  With nearly four years in the collecting process, a website is the exhibit platform for the acquisitions of a continually evolving collecting process.

Kasey Grier, Director of Museum Studies, University of Delaware

Kasey Grier will showcase “Sustaining Places” – a collaborative resource project from the Museum Studies Program at the University of Delaware and the Tri-State Coalition of Historic Places. This site is supported by a grant from the Institute for Museum and Library Services’ 21st Century Museum Professionals Program. This website collects examples of good ideas and best practices for small historical organizations and the content is curated and created by MSST students.

Audrey Hamelers, University of Delaware Library

Audrey Hamelers is the Digital Humanities and Web Services Librarian at the Morris Library at the University of Delaware. Audrey will be discussing the library’s DH resources and in particular, her work with Omeka.

Mary Purnell, English major, University of Delaware

Mary Purnell is a senior at the University of Delaware, majoring in English and minoring in Spanish. She currently works as an English tutor in the University of Delaware’s Writing Center and as a TA for four Spanish classes. Synthesizing her teaching skills in both languages with her passion for literature, Mary is pursuing a career in education with a focus on teaching English as a Second Language for native speakers of Spanish. At the University of Delaware, Mary developed a keen interest in 16th and 17th century drama, particularly for Shakespeare and his Spanish counterpart, Lope de Vega. 

Lawrence Shapiro, lecturer, Philadelphia University

Lawrence Shapiro will showcase his project on ethnography and liberal networks around Daniel Brinton and his circles, Franz Boas and Friedrich S. Krauss, my relatively obscure Viennese Croatian-Jewish topic of interest, for his presentations to Philadelphia and the APS: 1885, 1888, 1893.