Date: Tuesday, June 2
Time: 10:30 a.m. – 12:00 noon
Location: Gore Hall 103

Three Perspectives on the Use of Story from Summer Faculty Institute 2015

Hunger Games Meets Model U.N.: Using Role-Play as a Teaching Tool with Undergraduates

This session will share experiences of using role-playing games to build understanding of global leadership issues as well as student capacity for team building, communication and negotiation. Session attendees will be asked to participate in a short and hopefully fun activity!
Prezi link for Hunger Games Meets Model U.N.

Jennifer Fuqua, School of Public Policy and Administration

Jen Fuqua is currently an adjunct faculty member in the Organizational and Community Leadership Program, Jennifer Fuqua (ABD) is completing her doctoral studies in Public Policy and Administration at University of Delaware. Ms. Fuqua came to UD after many years as an administrator for a human services agency in Queens, New York, where she developed and supervised youth development programs in community and school settings.

Professor 13: Helping Kids, Parents and Teachers to Understand and Do Math

Fernsler, AbacusThomas Fernsler, Professional Development Center for Educators

Dr. Thomas Fernsler, aka “Professor 13”, has successfully taught mathematics to students at all levels K-grad school. His areas of professional interest include working with K-8 students and teachers, emphasizing a deeper understanding of mathematics content and demonstrating proven pedagogical techniques for the classroom. Tom enjoys sharing his extensive knowledge and experience gained from more than 30 years working with students and teachers from around the country. His teaching style and participation in numerous funded projects at UD and other universities place him in a unique position to help both teachers and students succeed in learning and understanding mathematics at all levels. Professor 13 is known world-wide and has been the subject of hundreds of media interviews (CNN, BBC, NBC, USA Today) focusing on his interest in triskaidekaphobia, the fear of the number 13, where he makes connections between the historical significance of 13, politics, and famous and infamous people.

Story + Theatre = Life Learning

In this segment, participants will experience a story theatre exercise and consider the potential for including similar activities in their courses.

Dad Summer 2010Allan Carlsen, Theatre

Allan Carlsen is Assistant Professor of Theatre for the University of Delaware where he serves as the Coordinator of Undergraduate Studies as well as the adviser for the department’s almost 300 Theatre minors. Allan personally developed two of UD’s largest and successful theatre lecture courses, one of which focuses on bringing the history of theatre alive by integrating its course work with performances by UD’s REP actors and the other which takes students behind the scenes from the inception of a production to its realization on stage.

Also, he is co-founder of UD’s innovative Healthcare Theatre program, where interdisciplinary avenues between the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Health Sciences are explored. Here, Allan and his partner, Amy Cowperthwait, train undergraduates from throughout the university to become simulated patients, family members, and health care providers, whose performances improve the interpersonal communication skills and the clinical work of students and professionals in the health care industry.