Date: Wednesday, June 3
Time: 2:15 – 3:15 p.m.
Location: Gore Hall 104

Five Minutes of Fame from Summer Faculty Institute 2015

Five Minutes of Fame is a fast-paced session where you can pick up ten exciting ideas, technologies, projects, or resources, all in five minute doses. Presentations can come from any faculty or staff participant at this year’s institute. Want to be considered for this year’s list of 10? E-mail your idea to

Doceri by Kim Graves, Interdisciplinary Science Learning Laboratory

Be untethered from the podium, as you control (and annotate!) your presentation from anywhere in the room.

TED-Ed Videos by Mu He, IT Academic Technology Services

Build a lesson around any TED-Ed Original, TED Talk or YouTube video.

Practicing Partnership by Lindsay Hoffman, Communication

Students cross divides to apply technology to social, political problems.

 Flippity by Sandy McVey, IT Academic Technology Services

Easily turn a Google spreadsheet into a trivia game show.

StrengthsQuest by Michele Kane, Residence Life & Housing

StrengthsQuest – helping students reach their full potential: StrengthsQuest is an inventory which helps students understand their natural talents and ways of being. When students better understand their talents and apply these ways of being to everyday actions, they can turn the talent into a strength. This tool has been used to help students work in teams and approach challenges. Additionally, the online tools connected to this inventory help students understand how to best approach their academics, relationships, and their career search.

IT Security for Faculty by Sean Barefoot, IT Client Support & Services

Best Practices in IT Security for Faculty

Name That Tool by Becky Kinney, IT Academic Technology Services

A new tool for working with online assessment

Whiteboard Video Creation Tools by Aaron Davis, CUNY- Hostos Community College

Leveraging student Consumption of Media: Learn about media consumption trends, and how Whiteboard video tools can leverage student retention.


(Hat tip to the New Media Consortium for pioneering this session format.)