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Use the registration form to choose your participation dates and specify your interest in special, limited enrollment sessions. Use the navigation bar in the upper right to browse this site by theme or date and put together your schedule — new session information is being added regularly. Guests can visit the travel and accommodations page. The Summer Faculty Institute is the premiere event at the University of Delaware for faculty to take advantage of the latest research and technological advances in classroom and online instruction. The program changes each year to reflect the latest progress demonstrated by UD faculty, the newest insights from educational research, and the latest opportunities presented by technological advances.

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This year’s themes

Community Engagement

Community engagement projects provide students, faculty and staff with meaningful educational experiences. All partners gain in multiple ways, including content knowledge, civic responsibility, and multicultural awareness.

Critical Thinking

Learn how any faculty from any discipline can more purposefully develop course activities that will require students to exercise their critical thinking skills.

Digital Humanities

Sessions will focus attention on the materiality of digital media and the transformations of both scholarly communication and classroom practices made possible by digital media, in addition to assignment design, teaching with social media, and managing your digital image resources.

Digital Storytelling

Starting with storyboarding and filming, participants will work through a complete digital story production, finishing with post-production (importing video footage and photos into video editing software, editing the content, and assembling it into a simple digital story).

Engaging Difference

This theme aims to enhance faculty knowledge of issues around diversity, power, and pedagogies that effectively and intentionally engage difference and include all learners–and provide time and resources for faculty to create a useful classroom product.

This year’s featured guest presenters


Harper, ShaunShaun Harper
Executive Director, Center for the Study of Race and Equity in Education
University of Pennsylvania
Moravec, MichelleMichelle Moravec
Associate Professor, History
Rosemont University
Stommel, JesseJesse Stommel
Assistant Professor, Digital Humanities
University of Wisconsin
Harris, KevinKevin Harris
Associate Director, Center for Assessment and Improvement of Learning
Tennessee Tech University
Lisic, ElizabethElizabeth Lisic
Assistant Director, Center for Assessment & Improvement of Learning
Tennessee Tech University
Dickson, KyleKyle Dickson
Associate Professor, English
Director, AT&T Learning Studio
Abilene Christian University
Autry, LaTanyaLaTanya S. Autry
Marcia Brady Tucker Fellow in Photography
Yale University Art Gallery
Kaku, ArchanaArchana Kaku
Program Coordinator
Tri-College Digital Humanities Initiative
Smucker, JannekenJanneken Smucker
Assistant Professor, History
West Chester University

This year’s featured University of Delaware presenters and facilitators:

Ann Ardis
Carley Becker
Dawn Berk
Ralph Begleiter
Steve Bernhardt
Jules Bruck
Suzanne Burton
Allan Carlsen
Nico Carver
Kate Colyer
Jon Cox
Zach Davis
Mary Durio
Thomas Fernsler
Jen Fuqua
Kasey Grier
Kevin Guidry
Richard Gordon
Mark Grabowski
Terry Harvey
Carol Henderson
Paul Hyde
Debbie Jeffers
Hannah Lee
Ed Lewandowski
Anja Leefeldt
Shelly McCoy
Sandy McVey
Beth Morling
Holly Norton
Lynnette Overby
Yasser Payne
Steve Peuquet
Victor Perez
Mathieu Plourde
Keeley Powell
Kathy Pusecker
Cheryl Richardson
Tammy Rossi
Kim Saunders
Sue Serra
John Stevenson
Daniel Sullivan
April Veness


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Archives for 2005-2014 are available below.

SFI 2014

EPIC FAIL! If We’re Teaching, Why Aren’t They Learning?

Extreme Arousal 2.0: Creating ‘I Don’t Want to Miss a Moment of This!’ Learning Environments

Averting Death by Academic PowerPoint! From Killer Professors to Killer Presenters
Christy Price, Dalton State University

Productive Discomfort: Fostering Learning in an Inquiry-Driven Class
Kris Shaffer, Colorado University – BoulderStimulating Attitudes of Inquiry
Hal White, University of DelawareCreative Teaching and Learning with Emerging Technologies in YOUR Hands
Robbie Melton, Tennessee Board of Regents
SFI 2013 Learning-Centered Teaching
Terry Doyle, Ferris State UniversityWhat can MOOCs teach us about online learning?
Phil Hill, e-Literate
The New Future
Ken Cavallo, iSchool InitiativeCross-generational Communication
Peggy Smith, Smith & Associates
SFI 2012 New Tools for Student Engagement
Sydneyeve Matrix, Queen’s University Canada
Incenting innovation and collaboration across teams
Mk Haley, Carnegie Mellon University
SFI 2011 Excellence in College Teaching and Learning
Susan Smith Nash
Syllabus 3.0
Allen Partridge, Indiana University of PennsylvaniaLeveraging mobile information and social technologies for the classroom
Jon Landis, Apple, Inc.
SFI 2010 Design thinking as a learning process
Reinhold Steinbeck, Stanford
Effective online instruction
Bryan Carter, University of Central Missouri
Engaging the best students
Alan Fox, University of Delaware
SFI 2009 Harnessing the power of social networks in teaching & learning
Alec Couros, University of Regina
Beyond our biology: an inside look at Second Life
John Lester, Linden Labs
SFI 2008 50 ways to tell a story
Alan Levine, New Media Consortium
Selecting Sakai tools based on how people learn
Fred Hofstetter, University of DelawareThe evolution of the digital learner
Lester Ray, Apple, Inc.Using technology to enhance instruction & engage students
Kimberly Dyar, Cecil County Public Schools
SFI 2007 Multimedia learning
Richard Mayer, UC Santa Barbara
Calibrated peer review
Todd Nickle, University of Calgary
Engaging an open source course management system
David Goodrum, Indiana U-Bloomington
SFI 2006 Designing interactive learning for visually-hungry learners
Curt Bonk, Indiana University
New directions in instructional technology
Mark Pellegrini, Wikipedia
Elevating the interactivity of technology-based materials
Phil Stephens, Villanova
SFI 2005 Building creativity into education: Human needs and the new computing technologies
Ben Shneiderman, University of Maryland
Staying motivated teaching with technology
Anastasia Morrone, IUPUI


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