Title IX Governance

The University is committed to education and prevention as well as appropriately responding to incidents of sexual misconduct, including sexual harassment, stalking, dating violence and domestic violence.  This is reinforced in our governance of such matters.

The governance is led by the Oversight Committee which is charged to review and monitor the following areas while making recommendations for change to the President as necessary: policy, education and prevention for faculty, students and staff, response to incidents, data collection and dissemination, or any other matter pertaining to sexual misconduct and compliance with Title IX and other federal regulation.

The Case Advisory Board (CAB) meets to advise the university’s Title IX Coordinator on matters related to Title IX incident reports.

Athletics has additional Title IX compliance requirements that are specific to athletics to include: participation opportunities, athletic financial assistance (scholarships), and other program areas.  These requirements are monitored by the Faculty Athletics Advisory Board with an outside consultant’s review every 3 to 5 years.

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Title IX Case Advisors

Case Advisors are employees that are specifically trained in our sexual misconduct policy and process.  They can support complainants and respondents in cases alleging sexual misconduct.  They can advise on the process and act as a support person during any meeting the parties may have with the investigator.

2017-2018 Advisors

Name Department Contact Information
Dana Chatellier Chemistry danac@udel.edu
James Coleman Asst. Director, SSA jcoleman@udel.edu
Tony Goldston Asst. Director, Rec Services goldston@udel.edu
Kim Zitzner Religious & Spiritual Advisor kimztmo@udel.edu