FAQ’s for kNOw MORE Online Sexual Misconduct Prevention Training

Why can’t I log in/ don’t have access?

There is a slight lag when new students and employees can have access. Students are loaded to have access after New Student Orientation in most cases. Employees are loaded within the first 30 days, after New Employee Orientation or On-boarding. You will have 30 days from your notification to complete the course. Please feel free to contact us if you think the lag has been too long, we certainly want to make sure everyone receives their training. We appreciate your diligence in starting this right away!

I’m an International Student and I’m having trouble accessing this course:

You may need to take this course when you arrive in the United States. We understand that this may be after the due date. Please don’t worry. You will have an extended deadline to complete this course.

How Long will it take?

kNOw MORE online will take you about 45 minutes for Part 1. Part 2 of the program becomes available 45 days after completion of Part 1 and typically takes about 15 minutes.

Do I have to do it?

First Time Students:

First time Undergraduate Student – kNOw MORE – Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates

First time Graduate Student – kNOw MORE – Sexual Assault Prevention for Graduate Students

Transfer Student – kNOw MORE- Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates

Continuing Education Student – kNOw MORE- Sexual Assault Prevention 

Certificate Student – kNOw MORE- Sexual Assault Prevention


Faculty Full-time – kNOw MORE– For Faculty & Staff

Faculty Part-time – kNOw MORE- For Faculty & Staff

Staff Full-time – kNOw MORE- For Faculty & Staff

Staff Part-time – kNOw MORE – For Faculty & Staff

Miscellaneous wage – kNOw MORE- For Faculty & Staff

S-Contract – kNOw MORE- For Faculty & Staff

Student Worker – kNOw MORE- For Faculty & Staff

Graduate Student Worker – kNOw MORE- For Faculty & Staff

What if I already took this as an undergrad/grad?

Each course is designed for your specific role at UD. kNOw MORE Sexual Misconduct Prevention is an online training course developed for the unique position of graduate students. It has some different components than kNOw MORE for Undergrads. We ask that you take this as it specifically relates to your new position within the UD community. kNOw MORE for Faculty & Staff includes information regarding special requirements you have as an employee and is very important for you to know.

What if I’ve already completed this or something similar?

You will need to complete them for the University of Delaware. These programs contain resources and information specific to the University of Delaware so we require all of our students to complete the programs even if you have completed them somewhere else.

What if I’m worried about feeling triggered by kNOw MORE?

We understand that the topic of sexual assault may include triggers for some students and we encourage you to call in advance of taking the course, or to use the resources that are included in the program should you experience discomfort during the course.

One resource we would like to highlight is SOS, Sexual Offense Support. If you experience a trigger or are uncomfortable during the course, you can speak with the SOS Victim Advocate by calling 302-831-1001 then press 1. The person who answers your call will take a first name and phone number and the advocate will call you back within 10 minutes.  This service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and these advocates are specially trained to understand the discomfort you may be experiencing and provide you with personalized, sensitive support, so please do not hesitate to call.

If you have any questions or concerns about this course, please email knowmore@udel.edu  or contact the office at 302-831-8063.

What do I do if I have a hold on my account? (Students)

Once you have completed the requirements, you will need to email knowmore@udel.edu to have your kNOw MORE hold removed. Please note that holds are not automatically removed once you complete the requirement, you will need to email and request that they be removed.

Part 2 is locked, what do I do?

There is a 45 day intersession between part 1 and part 2 of Haven. If you are waiting to have a hold removed, please email knowmore@udel.edu and request that your hold be removed upon completion of Part 1.